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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Why there is a Right and Left, Blue and Red, Right and Wrong in America

We are fast approaching a time in the U.S. where we are polarized into three groups. I affectionately will call them, The Obamacrack Heads, the Rush Junkies, and the Rest of Us.

The Obamacrak Heads want you tho think that the world was screwed up by George Bush, and that Obama is here to save the day and correct all the wrongs with his powerful mouth. They want you to believe that you cannot take care of yourself, and that the government is here to save the day. They believe that religion and family values are outdated, and that freedom means what the government wants you to believe it is. They believe that a murderer on death row's life is precious, but an unborn baby is just a choice. They want to save the planet even if that means not saving the human race. They want energy independence, but are not willing to drill anywhere in the U.S. which leaves us a slave to Mid-East oil. They believe that the U.S. should apologize, unilaterally disarm, and present ourselves to the world for trial and give into the U.N. to be ruled by the New World Order. (Too harsh? I was trying to go for the full impact. Oh, I got it? Good, thanks.)

On the other hand. . .

Rush junkies want you to believe that Obama represents the end of all things sacred and good in the U.S. They want the government to sleek back into he shadows so that unscrupulous big business can screw the people again. They believe that there should be a gun in every home and a Bible on every night stand. They believe that the government should butt out and let us live our lives. They believe the government should get out of the way of the constitution. They believe that a baby is precious, but we should be building electric benches to send all the murderers and terrorist to. They believe America should be strong so everyone else should just get out of the way and let us dominate. They want to drill all over the U.S. for oil, get rid of the Mid-East dependency, and become self efficient. They want to pollute the world to make a buck. They want judges to quit legislating from the bench, and for Congress to quit spending everyone elses money. (did I go far enough? I am not sure I captured a Liberals angst.... Oh well. I tried.)

Then there is the rest of us. We are somewhere in the middle, going to work, spending money, not really paying attention to what happens in Washington DC 'caus it really doesn't matter. I mean, if it really mattered, my income would stop, my credit cards wouldn't work, and the grocery store wouldn't be full waiting for me to buy stuff. Oh yeah, if it really mattered, Lexus wouldn't be selling $80k cars and people wouldn't be buying flat screen T.V.'s, right?

I am mean how bad could it get? I still have a job right? I still have money? Why do I need to listen to what is going on with our government? So they spend a lot, nothing is new. Yeah and there seems to be a war brewing, but hey, that doesn't effect where I am buying fast food today. Right? Come on, if things were really going bad, the news would tells us right? They would have our best interest at heart. I mean, come on, isn't all of this going to wash away in a couple of years? You know when the stock market rebounds and we all make our money back?

When the masses in the middle stop listening, do you know who gets louder? The people on the far left and right. You want to know why? Because the more you don't listen, the more there is to lose. I guess in their eyes, the more their is to gain. Control of your future is at stake, right now. The decisions you are not making right now, standing up for what you believe in and voicing your opinions, and making demands of your leaders will effect us the rest of our lives. The fact that most people are staying quiet is the most disconcerting aspect of everything that is happening right now.

Do you think the Romans thought they would be superior forever? What about the Persians? The Khans? the English? Do you think they knew that their empire and era of prosperity was about to end? Or were they more worried about what's for dinner, or what they can buy with the change they had in their pocket?

I guess the middle masses were about as aware as the Rest of Us.

Do you know what is sad? China knows.

Hey middle masses! You know any Chinese?

Better start learning.