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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Evolutions Problem & the Fascist Liberal NAS

Science is the pursuit of truth, right? (Snicker, giggle, laugh out loud)

Not when it comes to the people who are forming what your children learn in school.

To prove my point, let’s reflect on a gathering of National Academy of Science members discussing science education of our children. During that meeting they allowed a survey to be conducted by the science journal Nature of 517 members of the NAS, of which half replied, revealed that 7% believed in a “personal god,” 20.8% expressed “doubt or agnosticism,” and 72.2% expressed “personal disbelief.”

The survey showed that 72.2% of them did not believe in God, or better put believed in the religion of atheism. So be it. Let them worship how and what they may. BUT, later in the discussion about the survey some of the members couldn’t believe that the other 25% were delusional enough to still believe in a God.

In fact, a prominent member named Larry Kraus asked “How come this number [the 15% who believe in God] isn’t zero?” His question combined with the other statements simply meant, “How could the other 25% be stupid enough to still believe in GOD?” Like he had the right to question them.

Which brings me to my first point where one of these same members penned how they feel about your children, what they believe and what they plan on doing about it. Steven Law wrote:

. . . the only way children can be taught that creationism is true and supported by the available evidence is by instilling in them such twisted conceptions of logic and evidential support that they are likely to remain gullible idiots for the rest of their lives.

As I say, teaching that creationism is respectable science means teaching children to think in ways that are, literally, close to lunacy.

Still want these guys deciding what your children learn in school?

So lets give evolution a little test shall we? One that you can ask all your evolution friends and liberal school enthusiast who believe that evolution is the only show in town.

Imagine a meeting of several evolutionists where they were answering questions from the public, when a man rose in the back row.

“Excuse me. I have a question,” came the slight man with a small voice.

“Yes, you may address the panel.” Said the all knowing mediator of the group.

“In a TIME Magazine article dated October, 2006 points out that 3 billion is the number of base pairs in the human genome, and that only 1.23% of which, are different in the chimp genome.”

“Yes, I am aware of the article.” The moderator said smugly.

“Please sir,” he asked meekly, “what is 3 billion multiplied by 1.23%?”
The moderator used his vast brain capacity to quickly solve this simple problem and said, “36.9 million.”

“So when we say that we are only 1.23% different than chimps were are really saying that we are 36.9 million different base pairs away from a chimp, correct?” He said standing a little taller.

“Purely mathematically speaking, yes, I guess you are correct.” He said trying hard to understand where this question was going.

“According to the theory. . .” He began to ask, but was cut off by the moderator.

“Fact! Evaluation is fact! Do not presume to be able to assert that it is nothing else.”

“According to your facts then,” He was slightly taller and more bold, “evolution says that only the beneficial copying errors, or changes in base pairs are kept correct?”

“Of course.” He exclaimed painfully, “This is rudimentary evolution science. Everyone knows that.”

“So, in order to get the beneficial changes, how many other changes had to be discarded?” He asked, now in a clear voice.

“I cannot venture a guess, probably a hundred times that many.”

“Can anyone on your esteemed panel tell me when the last known base pair change in our human genome took place?” He was now bold in his tone, and aware of his opponent’s discomfort.

The moderator looked around at the other members of the panel. They too were conversing with their hands over the microphones, trying to supply an answer with a united front. After much discussion, the moderator delivered their answer. . .

“We believe” He said a little hesitantly, “that a base pair change must have taken place within the last three to five thousand years.”

“Thank you.” He was now walking up the isle, at full height, and in his new found boldness. “Isn’t it widely believed that the human genome evolved from our chimp ancestors about 5.5 million years ago?”

“Correct.” The panel was not only stumped, but scared of this man now.

“Allow my meager, delusional brain to do the math for you. You say that we have not had a base pair change for at least three thousand years. Now, correct me if I am wrong, evolution says that we continue to evolve, there is no reason for it to stop. Humans are not perfect, in fact, we could use evolution right now to solve many problems we can’t with science. Which means that we have to trust the time frame of evolution as it continues to work on us humans as well.

“Mathematics is a pure science, correct?” He didn’t wait for a reply. “So lets do the math together. You say it takes at least three thousand years to make a change in our base pairs. You also say that in order to get the 36.9 million beneficial pairs we would need to go through a hundred times that many. The math on that is 39.9 million times 100 or 36,900,000,000 (36.9 billion). Now let’s multiply that by the time it takes to change one base pair shall we? That math is 3 thousand times 36.9 billion for a total of 110,700,000,000,000 (110.7 trillion years).”

The small man was now a lion standing in front of the room.

“By my calculations, we won’t evolve from chimps for another 100 trillion years.”

“You are wrong!” The panel said. “Evolution is fact!”

The man simply smiled and said as he walked out of the room, “Mathematics is fact. Evolution is YOUR theory. They are mutually exclusive. Math does not lie. One is true the other is not. I will let you decide.”

So go ahead and decide.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Proud That I Stand For Something


For the last few weeks I have seen people who stand for something take a beating in the media, by liberals and by people who are simply OUT OF THEIR MINDS!

I am sick and tired of people taking potshots at people of faith, people who believe in family values, and people who do not buy into the liberal crap, empty promise, everything goes, values.

I warn you, this is NOT going to be politically correct. It is NOT going to be nice and it is NOT going to make you feel like giving someone a hug. I am pissed and it is about time you stupid liberal fascists sit down, shut up and take some notes.

I have learned one thing from the Gay community over the years and I am about to employ if just as they do. SAY IT LOUD AND SAY IT PROUD! I am tired of people with beliefs being drowned out by hypocritical, narcissistic, socialists, so here it is, LOUD AND PROUD!

I am PROUD that I am a man of faith. I believe in God, in His Son Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost. I am religious by CHOICE not by some fracture of mind, or mental instability, I have read more than most of you anti-God liberals both for and against religion. I CHOOSE to believe. I CHOOSE to apply religious restraint on my passions and seek to repent and become a better person.

I am PROUD that I believe in the sanctity of the family AND marriage. I believe a family is a man and a woman who are legally and lawfully married. Men should stand up and take responsibility for their actions and BE a father. Mothers and Fathers should be parents first and then other stuff second. I am sick and tired of liberals pointing fingers at people who believe that families are important. Take a look at where liberals fester in mass and you will find more broken homes, more single parents, more delinquency, and more poverty and sorrow. IT IS NOT A COINCEDENCE! Liberalism breeds dysfunction. Tolerance breeds degenerate behavior. The family is the only thing that is important and EVERYTHING should be done to protect it.

I am PROUD that I believe that a unborn baby should have the right to live. Freedom of choice is the dumbest, most ludicrous argument ever created. People who harp on this and say that it should be their right to choose can’t possibly be serious. Look at the argument. You want the right to choose a different natural consequence from an early choice you CHOSE to make. Where else does this logic even make sense? Now, I believe that if a woman is raped, or her health is in danger that she should have a choice. I also believe that only the Supreme Court interprets that law. However, I believe in something more basic. I believe that for most women, the right to choose took place BEFORE she got pregnant, in a bedroom, the back seat of a car, at prom, when she was drunk at a bar, or just because she didn’t want to say no, or even if she just wanted to say yes. I believe that is when she made the choice and was free to do so. I believe that if abortion absolves a woman of her first choice that it should be applied universally. If abortion is the law, and freedom to choose a different natural outcome is upheld, then that must be applied universally to all who “make a choice” but are unwilling to live with the result. Therefore, it should be illegal for children who smoke to get lung cancer, because they should have the right to choose. Golfers, who slice the ball into the water, should not incur a penalty stroke for the hazard, nor the penalty of a drop, because they should have the right choose. Obese people should not have to endure the health problems of being overweight due to over eating. They should also have the right to choose what they want to eat, without consequences. In short, under this reasoning, anyone who does not like the natural outcome should be allowed to choose if they are willing to accept or reject that outcome. Stupid liberal logic. How dumb are you? “I demand the right to choose!” Good, use it BEFORE you ask for another choice that changes the natural outcome.

I am PROUD to reject the religion of evolution. I did not evolve from primordial slime, or a monkey. I am NOT merely an animal, wondering the earth without purpose or reason. The science DOES NOT support evolution. There is absolutely no proof that a species evolves from one thing into another. The only proof you can supply is the adaptation of a species. I suspect that evolution has less to do with science than it does about your political agenda. The more we learn, the more we see that we were not a mistake, a chance one in a million freak accident. I am a child of God. I am made in his image. I have a purpose and it is more than breeding, feeding and acting on my impulses.

I am PROUD that I reject the political aspirations of Global Warming. Notice that I did not say I reject Global Warming. I reject using it as a weapon to shut down businesses, or human projects, or drilling for oil. And I won’t EVER agree to use it unilaterally. While we handcuff our economy, shackle growth, and prohibit resource accumulation, China and Russia couldn’t care less and will pollute the world at ten times the levels we do. It is an asinine proposal to strap ourselves and weaken our economy over global warming. We could not be more stupid! When we have no more resources, jobs and no economy, people will turn on you and your environmental terrorists and trample you all on their way to drill all over the U.S. Your celebrity endorsements will dry up because people won’t care what they have to say, and all the money that people donate to you and your lackeys will dry up. The only reason you exist, is because oil, and other natural resources that were ripped from the earth made a population that was rich, stupid, lazy and Godless who needed a project to give money to fill that empty hole in their souls. If you want religion out of the schools, take your religion of global warming with you too.

I am PROUD that I believe in the Constitution and in separation of power. However I am also PROUD to believe that our government is corrupt, crooked and turning quickly against everything the Constitution stands for. I believe that both Congress and the Courts have raped the American people. I believe that the courts are full of unscrupulous, crooked judges who like and want to legislate from the bench. I believe that both houses of congress are corrupt and devoid of morals, common sense, and soul. I am PROUD to believe that it is my right and my duty for a second revolution, sooner than later.

I am PROUD I am not a socialist. The New World Order, a combination of monetary systems, a loosening of boarders and a promise of government entitlements will end the U.S., end our freedom, and end our way of life. Liberals say that they want equality for all! It is all bull #$%&! They want to dominate. Look at the evidence. Liberals create dependence, poverty, class wars, unions, disparity and helplessness so they can be the ruling class. Again, look to where liberals are the dominate thinkers and voters. Let’s look at New Orleans. For several decades the liberals, who were in power, created program after program to help the poor. They “invested” millions and millions of dollars in programs, entitlements, and help. They created a dependent society suckling at the liberal tit of socialism. They had been condition to “need” government assistance, and could not act for themselves. Then something happened. Katrina hit. Where were the democratic, liberal fascists? What real help did they provide? NONE! But they did what they do best, they blamed everyone else. “Where was Bush and FEMA?” Where was your own responsibility? YOU LIVE IN A BOWL THAT IS LOWER THEN SEA LEVEL! But, still, your local liberal government didn’t use its resources to evacuate people with their school buses. The local liberal government didn’t do anything to secure a safe shelter, and the local liberal government didn’t raise their hands to help until after they got done blaming the federal government for not rushing in. Those who were suckled at the tit of socialism looked for another handout, and when it wasn’t there they looted the stores, stole big screen T.V.’s and shot each other. Now I can hear you yelling “racist,” but before you get a bloody nose, let’s look at a conservative response to a much bigger natural disaster shall we? Because I don’t think it has anything to do with race. It has everything to do with what you believe! In 2007, the Mississippi river flooded its banks. There were more than four times the number of homes and businesses destroyed in that flood than in Katrina. More than triple the number of people were homeless, more damage was done to property and possessions. What was their response? I am glad you asked. You see they were brought up under a different belief system, they believed in self responsibility. They believed in self reliance. They believed it wasn’t the governments job to save them. They had food set aside. They had shelters set up. They had churches who actually had a plan to help it’s members. They had communities that worked together. Guess how many people died there? 2. Guess how many stores were looted? 0. Guess how many volunteers showed up to help? Thousands. Guess how many people were raped in the shelters? 0 Guess how many people complained that Bush was the reason for their demise? None. What was the difference? One sucked socialism down like a drunk. The other believed as I do.

Oh, by the way, our local newspaper ran a story about a man who left New Orleans after Katrina and came to a western U.S. city. He was a chef and got a job at a local restaurant. When asked if he was ever going to go back to New Orleans he said, “Never. I never knew what existed outside of New Orleans. I can see now how corrupt, and terrible that place was. People there are always looking for a handout because the government controls their lives. I like being in control of my own life!” I am Proud to believe the same and that Socialism is not only stupid, but dangerous.

I am PROUD of my white heritage. People who want me to bow down to “the white man’s disease” of self loathing can kiss my lily white butt! I am Swiss, my ancestors came to the U.S. in the late 1800’s I have nothing to be ashamed of. My family worked hard and gained a life without the help of the government. People all over want me to cower back and not be proud of my own heritage. I can't even think about organizing a white group for any reason, because I would then be a racist. I am sickened by the duplicity of minority groups and their separatist agendas. Imagine if we created an NAAWP?! We would be racists, but groups can get together and bash white people all they want and it is called “Culture.” Imagine if we created a cable network called white entertainment television (WET), had our own awards, and talked smack about people of color? IF IT IS RACIST WHEN WHITE PEOPLE DO IT IS ALSO RACIST IF PEOPLE OF COLOR DO IT!

I am PROUD own a business.
I am PROUD I have kids who have been taught right from wrong.
I am PROUD I drive a foreign car.
I am PROUD I am proud I own a gun.
I am PROUD I will not shut up.
I am PROUD I will not give in.
I am PROUD I am who I am, with all my faults.

So the next time you think about belittling people who believe in something other than you because you think you now have the right after the election.

Think again.

We will get louder. And we are proud!

We’re here, we are not queer (or liberal), so get used to it

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Let it snow

Today there is record snow in 12 northern states, the Bering sea has frozen early in the season, Antarctica is enjoying the heaviest ice pack in 20 years, and it snowed in New Orleans and Las Vegas this week.

Where's Al Gore Now?

So much for global warming.

Once again we prove that we are pawns to the media, politicians and ex presidents that are trying to sell a book. We are the dumbest people in history.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Congress' Ponzi Scheme

Let’s have an exercise in common sense, shall we?

Your government is talking about a $7.7 trillion economic stimulus package to save our economic system. We have 300 million people in the U.S. That is just about $25,000 for every man, woman, and child.

It is also about the average people pay in taxes each year.

So in essence, they are going to give away what we all paid last year in taxes.

But what happened to all the money they spent last year on all the big government services, all the entitlement programs and all the wages of all those federal employees?

Add in the fact that our government’s income is shrinking due to people NOT spending money.

So how are they going to pay for a $7.7 trillion stimulus plan? With your 2008 taxes. They will take all that money they bring in to stimulate the economy. Then the next year they will pay 2009 bills with future tax earnings.

Sound familiar? It should.

A guy named Madoff just got caught doing the same thing in a $50 billion dollar Ponzi scheme. He would get an investor and promise him interest, and then find another investor to cover the costs of paying interest to the first investor, and then find another investor to pay for the interest of the first two investors and so on and so on. He would pocket money as he went making millions.

Congress is doing the same thing. The outcome? Same as the Madoff Ponzi, almost everyone loses. Except, congress won’t convict itself. They made their millions, got re-elected, and screwed millions out of their life savings. We all lose.

The scheme that congress is cooking right now, will destroy our monetary system, cause a DEEP recession, if not a depression in early 2009. Get ready.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Don’t Care What Color Obama is

Someone commented on the blog that I was a racist and that I hated Obama because he is black. I won’t post the comment because he also used a few choice four letter words and disparaged my mother. (No one disparages my mother!)

Am I a racist? Let’s see shall we?

First Test: Have any of my blogs been about the color of his skin? No.

Second Test: Does his skin color have anything to do with his socialistic policies and desires? No.

Third Test: Did you vote for him because he was black? I don’t know did you? Maybe you are the racist.

Fourth Test: Does his skin color have anything to do with how he will lead the country? Most say yes. Even those on his side of the isle have said over and over again that his life experiences, including his skin color, will have an effect on his decisions.

So, am I a racist because I don’t like his policies? Am I a racist because I don’t like his politics? Am I a racist because I don’t want a socialist president?

I must be, because it couldn’t possibly be because I am smart enough to know the difference between a socialist and a conservative.

I must be, because it couldn’t possibly be that I have a disagreement with his basic fundamental philosophy of what our country should be.

I must be, because it couldn’t possibly be that I have read enough about history to see when someone isn’t what they represent themselves to be.

I must be, because I couldn’t possibly have a legitimate argument that socialism is the bane of all government and eventually will lead to the downfall of the U.S.

I must be, because it couldn’t possibly be that he cares more about his own career than doing what is right and good.

I must be, because the only possible reason not to bow down at the pulpit of Obama, not worship the man, the myth, the legend, is that I am a white bigot who can’t think for himself and uses the color of someone’s skin to base all decisions.

Ergo, I am a racist. Nice liberal logic.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Make Your Voice Heard

I just about stopped writing this blog. It was mostly for me to vent my anger, frustration and to prime my writing skills to do other projects.

I thought no one was reading.

IF you want me to continue do two things.

1. Let me know. Create comments and add your voice.

2. Tell others. That is the only way this thing grows.

Disneyland, Obamaland, and Toleranceland

I spent the last five days in the happiest place on earth. Obviously it was away from the news, the radio, and the computer. But there were four things that I found that needed a discussion.

Those Evil Oil Companies.

Remember eight months or so ago when the news and the liberals were all screaming that the evil oil companies were behind the price hikes? Remember them calling for massive tax increases and an investigation into their business practices? Remember that the liberal attack machine went on the offensive and used it for political gain?

Where are they now that gas is $1.65 a gallon?

If the gas companies are the ones who should be blamed for the rise in oil prices, shouldn’t they also get the credit for prices when they go down? The news was vehemently against any truth of market conditions for the prices going up, BUT, last night on a news ticker was this: “Market conditions cause gas prices to decrease.” So let’s see if the news is working for you or for some other agenda?

The news wants you to believe that gas prices increase because evil oil companies have some magical way to increase the cost to make more money, but when the gas price go down it is only due to market conditions. Nice! Totally incompressible, just the way they like it. News people think that you’re an idiot, that you can be led like lambs, controlled because you can’t remember what they said a couple of days ago let alone several months ago. This is the game they play with “slower” Americans. If something goes wrong it is ALWAYS someone else’s fault.

Obama’s Eyes Were Opened

Have you noticed that Obama is doing a lot of back peddling? Have you noticed that he is trying to get everyone to lower their expectations? Have you noticed that he is trying to distance himself from many of the things he said in the campaign?

Notice that it happened AFTER he began his full national security and economic briefings?

Here’s what happened. He found out all the things that Bush already knew. He found out all the little things that they don’t tell us. He found out all the rest of the information that the news media doesn’t have, or isn’t willing to tell us. Now he is desperately trying to downplay his agenda, his plans, and his “change.”

What should this tell you? It should scare the %$^@#@# out of you. Here is a man who bought the election on promises, then found out the real story and is backing down. I am no so worried about him backing down as I am about what he was told.

2009: First Quarter

I am not a doom and gloom guy, honest I am not. I am a realist. (Although my wife wanted me to buy a Grumpy shirt at Disneyland) But I think we are at the precipice of economic history and no one is talking about it, because the news doesn’t want to make it happen, the government doesn’t want you to know, and most people are more worried about what will be in their stocking come Christmas rather than what will be in their bank account in February. It is the equivalent of the nation playing the childhood game of ‘closing your eyes and ears and the bad stuff will go away.’

It will not.

(look, I am not some country bumpkin, my job, the one I get paid for, is to understand how money works and I am really good at it too. Notice that I am not spouting mainstream media or right wing radio crap either. Stop listening to people who have got ratings to sell, advertisers to please, or books to pitch, or a job to save. They aren’t going to tell you unless it benefits them. Your family’s situation means nothing to them.)

Regional banks in Texas and Florida have now failed and the news barely reported it. China is no longer buying U.S. debt, yet we are still going full bore on bailout plans with money we don’t have. This leaves us with VERY limited options to gain access to all this money that they want to bailout the economy. The one that they seem to want to employ is ‘the home printer method’ and just start printing more money.

Look, right now, our government is over extended. They don’t have the money and other countries don’t have the money to lend us. Taxes are the largest income for any government, and when the economy is shrinking, so is that income.

Our economy exists on two things. First, we spend to keep each other employed. If you don’t spend your neighbor loses his job. Second, we have faith in our monetary system. Someone, somewhere believes that our dollars are worth something. As soon as that someone has a doubt, the system fails.

I have slowed my spending, how about you? I am trying to save money now, not spend it. Any smart family would do the same. First blow.

China is now buying gold, not dollars. The middle east is not happy with “dollar production” from oil and might turn to the Euro to stabilize oil prices. Other country’s no longer want U.S. Debt and are looking for alternatives. Sure sounds like they are NOT believers. Not to mention that Consumer Confidence is declining. Second blow.

We are one catastrophe away from a complete collapse (it could be as small as a run on a single bank in West Virginia, or a misrepresented news story about shortages, or even a terror attack). Don’t believe me? Go read history. The Depression wasn’t caused by a single event. It was caused by several small ones INCLUDING the government stepping in to “save” the people.

I look to history to see how this is going to play out. Mexico, Korea, USSR, and others have all been through this. What I am talking about is the collapse of a monetary system. Over a short period usually three months (this has significant meaning to those who are listening) there is complete chaos, and things all but shut down, food is scarce, you can’t buy much of anything and there is a lot of instability. Everyone is scared to sell something one day and have the money they received be worth less a day later. It stabilizes after a while, but everything now has changes. A $3.00 loaf of bread not cost $5.60, but your income from your job doesn’t change. You just have to cope. Your income is still $50,000, but your expenses have doubled.
I hope you have three plus month’s supply. I hope you have friends who have too. I wish you good luck.

Four things I have done and think you should do.

1. Get a three+ months supply of food and create a friends group who have done it too so that you can trade for what you need.

2. Get some cash out and put it in a safe place. Get $5, $10, $20 bills, if you have to buy $20 worth of something and only have $100, you won’t get change. Think through the scenario, who’s going to have change? What is a $1 bill going to be worth? $1 bills could be the new penny.

3. Think about your family’s safety. When people get hungry and scared they can go one of two ways. Katrina: Where everyone loots, shoots, and society collapses. Or, they can do what those in the Midwest did in the floods of 2007 (where three times as many peole lost thier homes than in Katrina), band together in groups, helped each other, and supported each other. I don’t know about where you live, but I am not leaving my family’s safety to chance.

4. Pray, and share this with others. Start talking about what you would actually do if this happens. Talk to your spouse, your kids, your friends, and your church. Make plans, and if people ridicule you for wanting to make a plan, YOU NEED TO FIND OTHE FRIENDS OR PEOPLE, because the last people you want to be in a foxhole with are people who did not prepare.

Time is short.

Freaks and the fascist Idea of tolerance

If you don’t accept people who are different than you, you are a bigot. If you don’t agree with ‘lifestyle’ or my ‘choices’ you are intolerant. If my minority and their actions and behaviors are not acclimated by society, then society is wrong and must be forced to accept me and my likeminded friends.

Duh, Okay. I'll just quit fighting for what I beleive so taht you can make stupid choices.

At Disneyland, we saw a bunch of Kandi-Kids (if you don’t know what they are Google Kandi Kids). They were quiet and respectful, but when asked “why do you wear all that stuff?” He replied, “Each one reminds me of a rave that I went to, the drugs we took, and the great time we had. All the bracelets and stuff are my vibe that I have in my body outward on my body. I want to show the world what happiness is.”

Great Gizzards Ghost! I didn’t know you needed ten pounds of childish bracelets, colored chains and toddler’s backpacks to be happy.

There have always been outsiders, fringe people, and minority groups of people who choose a lifestyle. But recently we have seen them pushing their lifestyle onto mainstream and demanding rights. They push their agendas through courts, like minded politicians and support groups (community organizers) and get upset when people WHO DO NOT think like they do push back.

Gays are now openly declaring war on religious groups who oppose their desires. Next it will be the Kandi-Kids. Soon they will want laws to be exempt from having to pay for the health problems that their lifestyle has caused. Then they will get upset and protest at churches because their rights are being denied when the law passes to reject their lifestyle acceptance.

(Oh, by the way, Kandi Kids say that even though the lifestyle originated by the ravers who sold the drugs, you know, cause they are easier to see in a crowed all decked out with glow sticks, bracelets, baby paraphernalia, and that the original Kandi-Kids got their name from selling “candy,” that they don’t do drugs. If you believe that, what exactly have you been smoking?)

If we tolerate all behavior, the ones who will not be tolerated are the ones with morals, beliefs, and common sense.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Day Without a Gay.

Today, all over the country Gay people are calling in sick. They are not working to prove a point, or to punish the rest of us, I don’t know. They feel that they are so important that if they are gone, we will crumble as a society.

So what was the impact of a day without a gay?

Nothing for 97% of America.

Sure, Hollywood shut down because no one was there to do makeup. Some trendy restaurants in New York had longer table times because a third of the waiters never showed up. The drag fest in New Orleans and San Francisco didn’t function properly, but no one cared because the audience is all gay anyway and they didn’t show up.

Oh, and the government ceased to be productive in anyway, nope sorry. That had nothing to do with a lack of gays.

What Can I Say?

I haven’t written anything in a week. Not from a lack of fodder.

Everywhere I turn there is another issue, another problem, another lie, and another Obamanation.

I can’t keep up with them all.

Which one do I address?

1. The corrupt political system in Illinois that Obama says he has nothing to do with? (snicker, oh come on, really?)

2. The Civilian National Security Force that is developing while we all worry about the financial crisis?

3. How about the fact that the media is allowing Obama to back pedal away from nearly half of his promises made that he used to “buy” this election?

4. Or what about the elitist, no experience, all theoretical appointments he is making to his Cabinet?

5. I should be writing about Liberal Fascism that has already begun to target religions. This, by far is the most important, but no one is reading this blog anyway.

The truth this, there is too much to write about. Our country is in shambles, and all most people care about is what they are getting for Christmas. That is why we are in such trouble. We have delegated our political responsibilities to our “representatives” so we can live our lives. What we don’t understand is that those representatives have robbed us of our future.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dollars and Sense

The last few weeks have been amazing as I watch what they say on the news, then what they don’t say. It is hard for me to understand what is real and what is speculation, but it is time for me to work out some things and I thought there is not a better place to do it then here so this post is an exercise in trying to understand what is going on.

The world economy is in trouble. No matter what the network and cable news programs are saying, and what program they are pitching, the world economy is unstable to say the least, and at most, on the brink of catastrophe. Trust your gut. You know it is true. Something is wrong, and no one either knows, or isn’t telling us because they don’t want us to know. Something is wrong, like never before.

Here is what I believe to be true.

China owns more U.S. debt than anyone else, and they are not lending anymore. In fact, they have decided to invest more in gold going from 600 tons to over 4,000 to diversify away from currency (12-3-08). This means that they do not see a strong future in our currency. No one else in the world is in a position to invest in U.S. debt, yet, our government has pledged $7.7 billion for recovery. This doesn’t grow on trees, China is not going to lend it to us, and we can’t get that in tax revenue if we are in a recession. The dollar has gained ground on the Yuan (WSJ, 12-3-08), but how do you trust a currency that is controlled by a government? Devaluing their currency may be the only way to stabilize their investment in U.S. Dollars for the time being. A collapse in the dollar hurts China, but none-the-less, just like any investor pouring good money after bad isn’t palatable. The shift from dollars to gold is a shot across the bow. A signal most of us wouldn’t see or understand.

The U.S. government deployed 20,000 troops WITHIN the U.S. (go to the Pentagon’s website). They are calling them ready response teams. Why now? Why at this point? This in and of itself is peculiar, but couple it with the current financial crisis and one has to ask, what are they preparing for? The terror threat level has not been increased, no one is talking about another attack from without, and it was done quietly without a lot of hoopla from either side of the isle, even though it’s in direct violation of the Posse Comitatus Act, a 130-year-old federal law restricting the military's role in domestic law enforcement. (Washington Post 12-1-08) Is this the second signal we should be listening to?

Back to the dollar, which is not backed by anything. There is no gold standard. The dollar exists on one thing, consumer confidence. This means that collectively we have to give the dollar value by believing that it has value. This scares me to death, and has for the better part of my life. Think about it. The only place you can spend a dollar is with someone who believes it is worth a dollar. You can’t trade it in for gold, or silver, or anything else. Today consumer confidence is not at its lowest point, (http://www.conference-board.org/economics/ConsumerConfidence.cfm) but how much would it take for us to collectively NOT believe that the dollar has value. Or more to the point, that China, Russia, or other holders don’t believe that the dollar has value.

The big three auto companies are in trouble, state and local governments are looking for handouts, big box stores, that survive on small margins and huge inventories are going under (Mervyns, Circuit City, Linens-N-Things,etc.) and there the tip of the iceberg. How many others will go under after a dismal Christmas? More to the point, how much have you, yourself or family cut back? Is it 10%, 25% or is it more? This is important to think about. If you cut your own spending by 20% (which is great for your family) what would that same amount do to the U.S. economy?

20% from every family decreases the U.S. economy closer to twice that amount. Why? Simple economics. Not only do you not buy what you do not buy, but the person who isn’t getting your purchase isn’t making additional purchases because you money isn’t there. It is at least twice the amount now that I think about it. It is a domino effect.

40% is catastrophic. It is a game changer. I am not talking about 40% loss in the stock market, that is already happening. I am talking about 40% loss in the economy as a whole. Scary.
What is the worse case scenario?

China sells off massive investments, simply trashes the dollar, or just decides not to lend us anymore money. The dollar loses value in the world market because no one believes it is worth anything. Now we have hyperinflation. Bread goes from $3 a loaf to $30 a loaf. Hyperinflation.
Don’t think it can happen?

Ever been to Mexico or Korea? Mexico’s money is in Pesos. Why isn’t a peso and a dollar worth the same? Korea is in Won. It takes nearly 1,000 won to equal a dollar. How did that happen? Hyperinflation. It may happen here too.

I used to think that the worst case scenario would be a long, deep, wide spread recession.

Not anymore.

I think the worst thing that could happen is a collapse of the dollar, hyperinflation, and a restructuring of world economics.

Think about the movies. Think The Postman or Mad Max.

Maybe that is why they have deployed 20,000 troops in the U.S.

Come to think of it, I don’t think 20,000 will be enough.

Monday, December 1, 2008

20,000 First Steps

Pentagon to deploy 20,000 troops for domestic emergencies

WASHINGTON (AFP) — The US Department of Defense plans to deploy 20,000 troops nationwide by 2011 to help state and local officials respond to terror or nuclear attacks and emergencies, The Washington Post said Monday.

Citing Pentagon officials, the newspaper said the plan calls for three rapid-reaction forces.
The first 4,700-strong unit, built around an active-duty combat brigade, is based at Fort Stewart, Georgia, and is already available for deployment, according to General Victor Renuart, commander of the US Northern Command, it said.

Two additional groups will later join nearly 80 smaller National Guard and reserve units made up of about 6,000 troops to support local and state authorities nationwide, The Post said.
They will all would be trained to respond to domestic chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, or high-yield explosive attacks.

The newpaper said that civil liberties groups and libertarians had expressed concern that the plan could undermine the Posse Comitatus Act, a 130-year-old law restricting the military's role in domestic law enforcement.

I'm right there too. We are one step away from a federalized police force, which should scare us all. Welcome to the new world.

History is not on our side. Our incredibly short memory lets us collectively forget that centralized power will destroy individual freedom. Start reading people, or there won't be anything to fight for.