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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Sign of the End

Listen closely.

There are financial experts that are not on the government's payroll talking about a day when all this spending our brilliant Marxist government is spending is going to come back and bite us right on our butts. It is going to be bad, really bad.

Here is why:

We don't produce anything in the U.S.A anymore. Take a look around you. Your T.V., your toaster, your car, your phone, anything, most of it, I will bet 75% of it is made outside the U.S. Tell, me what do you produce at work? Me? I make money when people move money, but I don't make anything, I don't produce something out of raw materials. Almost no one does in the U.S. Almost all the people in the U.S. work in middle man industries reliant on others producing and still others buying.

So, what we have is rampant unemployment. Because people are not buying from each other. I bet a shinny nickle that you bought less this year than last. This means your neighbor made less this year than last, buys less from you, and so on.

So where does this lead us? For most of you, you're out there thinking, "soon it will get back to normal and the recession will be over." You're wrong. There is no going back to normal. Something is happening and you better get prepared.

Here is the signs and there is more than one economist out there screaming his head off trying to get people to listen.

Your going to wake up one morning and the Dollar, the Pound, and many other currencies are going to be down 10-25%. You won't know it, because they don't report this kind of thing. For a few days, nothing will change, but then after a few days, there will be a meeting with world leaders who will hold a summit on a new world currency and within days the dollar will crash, What happens next is weeks if not months of chaos, confusion and economic devastation.

When this happens, you will have a small window. If you are watching the dollar, you'll see it drop, there will then be a loll when nothing happens. If you were smart, you would go out and buy a ton of durable goods and food stuffs. By the time the government lest you know, it will be too late.

Here is the best place to watch the dollar: http://www.fxstreet.com/rates-charts/usdollar-index/

And for those of you who think this could never happen, ask yourself two simple question:

How long could you spend like this government and not go completely bankrupt?

Why would this liberal Marxist government want to stop it from happening?

If it happens, they get what they always wanted, a New World Order, one currency, and the complete death of democracy and capitalism.

Still think it's a stretch?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Our Bowing Idiot

While I spent the weekend snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas, Obamassiah AGAIN does something that tells you how he feels about this country.

He bowed to the Emperor of Japan.

Not a big deal you say?

You are a moron, I say.

Here is the leader of the free world bowing to the Emperor of a foreign country. If that is not a big deal, what is? How many times is he going to have to show you what he believes in before you stop listening to what he is telling you he believes in? It is just another in a long line of ACTIONS that speak louder than words. His actions tell us that he is ready and willing to bow to others as he wants the U.S. to bow to others.

Then the White House denied that he bowed.

ARE YOU SERIOUS? How many times is this administration going to get caught on tape or in a photograph before they realize that that EVERYONE HAS A CAMERA IN THEIR CELLPHONE? How are these idiots running our country?

He didn't mean anything by it, you say.

Oh, my foolish feeble minded Obamacrack junkie, I say.

There are only two scenarios here. One, he knew exactly what he was doing. OR two, he and his staff are so incompetent, so inept, so "can't find their asses with both hands" stupid that no one told him of the hailstorm Clinton caused in 1994 by only slightly bowing to the Emperor. Better yet, they are so inanely brainless and dimwitted that they could not remember that they were raked across the coals less than a year ago when Obamassiah bowed to the Saudi Prince and caught all hell from it.

So Obamacrack heads, which one do you want? A leader who willingly bows to another government knowing full well that the action speaks volumes about his true intentions for this country, OR a leader and administration who is too incredibly stupid to know that bowing is the wrong protocol. (Don't give me the 'his staff didn't know' crap either. What is he paying these people for?)

Either one is fine with me.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Liberal Media End Game

For months now, I have been trying to figure out what the liberal media's end game is. It is the media for crying out loud! They make their money when they can spin corruption and fear. They sell more papers and get more viewers by doing a tell all. Obamessiah should be making them rich! (come on now, did you see the one where the Russian diplomats wouldn't even shake his hand?! CLASSIC) With all the blunders and gaffs this blowhard has been in, the media should be crucifying the liberal in cheif and making a killing.

But they are not, and they are failing.

Network news used to charge $280,000 for a 25 second commercial. Now they are reporting that they can only get $130,000. Newspapers have lost 30-60% of their readers in the last two years, Top magazines are printing less than half as much as they did a year ago.

Why would they let the biggest liar, the easiest mark, the village idiot, and the corrupt Chicago politics bastard child get a free pass? What is their end game?

Then it dawned on me. . .

State controlled media.

They all want him to succeed. When he succeeds, freedom dies, capitalism dies, free markets die, and the government will control the media. This is their end game. They want a piece of the pie when he makes his move to control the media. They want to be left standing, even if he controls them.

Short sited liberal Morons.

If only they had a model to test to see if it worked. Like a cable news channel that caters only to liberal thought. A joint venture between really rich ivory tower types and liberal news people. One where they could spew out all the liberal propaganda they wanted and see who was listening.

Apparently no one.

During the news cycle of the Fort Hood shootings in November 2009 more people were watching Animal Planet then CNN or MSNBC. Ouch! More people were interested in the dead Crocodile Hunter than what the talking heads at CNN or MSNBC had to say.

And you think your chances are better with state run media?


Three times as many people watched FOX news. Oh and remember, we all own guns, cling to our religions, and get our information from Glen. Oh and if it hadn't occurred to you, we will be the only ones left who have gold to buy anything with. Hey liberal media brainiacs, you bet on the wrong horse. Half of the country is against you. Of the remaining half, more of them would rather watch a rerun of a dead guy than listen to you.

Sucking up to Obamessiah doesn't sound so good now does it?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

V The Anti Obama/ liberal Series

For anyone who missed it here is the plot.

Visitors appear out of nowhere. Before people know the truth they suck every small minded, freebie wanting, city dwelling, person into their cult by promising anything they want.

They gave them free health care. But it is not what it seems. The underlying truth is that universal health care is nothing more than a ploy to exploit the people. (Oh and to make sure the food chain is disease free.)

They tried to silence their critics, control the media, and eliminate anyone who opposes their plan.

They convince the youth that their parents are bad and know nothing about what the world is facing.

But, they are not what they seem. They have been planning this for years. Infiltrating the highest levels of government, military, organizations and sports teams.

The visitors don't care about the people of earth, they want to have power over them, make them do what they say, oh and eat them.

Glen Beck makes an appearance too, right before a little ball of death tries to kill him for starting the revolution. Glen lives and becomes a galvanizing force that will destroy the V's.

Wow. Sounds like the last year and a half. (But, Obamessiah is not as good looking as Inara Serra, I mean Morena Baccarin.)

I can't wait to see how it ends. Oh right. I know how it ends.

Obamacrack, I just like saying it

So, now with things changing I thought I would come out of obscurity and start posting a little here and there.

Let me start by letting you in on three little known secrets.

1. Americans are the stupidest educated people on the face of the planet. Half of the country went from being a massive lie detector able to tell with 100% certainty that George W. was lying, to slobbering, nodding, chill up their pants ninnies, that cannot detect a lie when it is being read from a teleprompter by their never truthful snake charmer. Stupid people. When are you going to learn that governments lie. That is what they do.

2. Saving jobs is not an economic principle. You either loose jobs or create them. You don't save them. Think of it this way. If you have a town where everyone is employed in two factories. if the government closes down one factory eliminating half the towns jobs, they don't get to claim they saved the other half. Morons. And you believed them?

3. Glen Beck is Zeus. Listen to anyone who is anti Beck. Do they debate the issues? Nope. Do the open a debate about policy, people, ideas? Not a chance. They bash him as a person. That is all they can do. He is dead on. He is two weeks ahead of the liberal media. He single handedly started the revolution. Hey progressive dorks, keep underestimating him. Keep thinking he's a right winged nut.

Isn't that what England thought of the wacked out freedom freaks in the new colonies? They were just a bunch of reject farmers. What could possibly happen?

Of course Obamassiah and his media lackeys say that the tea parties and astro turf nuts are nothing to worry about. They have to be telling the truth right?

Did you already forget the first secret I told you? Morons.