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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Energy: Why nothing is going to get done

While Obama and his surrogates are running around in transition, I want to impress on all of you one thing. The most important immediate issue is energy, well, mainly gasoline.

Why? Because our country runs on it right now.

No matter what we do, no matter what we say, gas is a critical issue at the moment. Let’s take a look at the facts:

1. Our country runs on gasoline. You use it every day in your cars. The trucks that bring you all the food you eat uses it. Everything at some point is transferred using a gas powered engine. Every business in the U.S. relies in one way or another on gas. You could use less, but even the most die hard liberal still uses gas.

2. The problems in the Middle East are all caused by our dependence on their oil. Years of dependency have either created or fueled the problem. Even now, if we could become independent of their oil, the damage has been done.

3. Without a substantial amount of oil from another source, we will never, EVER become energy independent. We cannot just jump from Gas to hydrogen or solar powered cars. Use common sense, even if they were available, are you going to junk your gas using car and purchase a new $25,000 hydrogen car? (you mean you’re not willing to sacrifice your personal budget to save the planet? How shocking!)

4. We have the gas, but we don’t have the will. Our government has the ability to drill safely in the ocean and in Alaska, and in Utah and in Colorado, but they tell us that it unsafe to the environment. But, the facts tell us something different. Besides a trumped up false claim off the coast of California, there has never been a drilling accident on U.S. soil. Every problem was involved in the transportation of oil. Drilling has never been the problem. If we had the will, we would make the transportation just as safe. The problem is, Liberals do not have the will. They would rather be bed buddies with the environmentalist then solve your gas dilemma.

Which brings us to the bigger picture. What is Obama’s energy plan?

No drilling off shore or in Alaska. No shell harvesting in Utah or Colorado. No new coal plants (Well unless you want to be bankrupt http://www.breitbart.tv/?p=211243), and no new nuclear plants.

Wow, this is stunning. You mean to say that his whole plan is to NOT create any new usable energy, even though we all know that consumption is rising and the reserves and supply are falling? That even though China will eclipse our usage in a few years, we are not going to find any more for us? You mean to tell me that he has some new “supply and demand” model that trumps the old “supply and demand” model that we have been using for centuries?

Oh, wait, that’s right he is going to tax those evil oil companies because they make too much money. That will solve it. Take away their profits and redistribute them to other sources of energy to develop. That makes total sense. Because then they will produce more oil for us to use when they get their profits taken away. They’ll just squeeze it out of their rear ends.

Let’s look at this policy in real life. Michael Phelps trained everyday for four years, worked hard at his business and went to China and earned 8 gold medals. He earned them. He was in the right place at the right time, he had a little luck, and he swam his guts out. But, since we are into leveling the playing field and have a need to punish those who are successful, he should give up three of those medals and give them to another participant who did not medal.

Sound stupid? It is, but it is exactly what he is suggesting to do to the oil companies. Heck, movie stars make ten times the amount teachers do, so why aren’t they taxing them? Or how about professional athletes, or heaven forbid Harvard University. They should have to live by the same rules too, right? Wrong. You are missing the critical point. Socialism isn’t really about leveling the playing field. It is about blaming an easy target so that you can provide hope and change when you attack them. It is never about accomplishment, it is about keeping the masses in check and presiding over their salvation. The liberals don’t care if your problems are solved, because if they were, you wouldn’t need them anymore.

But, let’s get back to the problem. No new energy sources, and tax the one we have. How does that help you? Will the tax they levy on oil companies put gas in your tank so you can go to work and earn a living?

But, the gas companies already have hundreds of thousands of acres they could be pulling gas from, Obama told me so. Man, you really swallowed it all didn’t you?

Again real life example: Sorry Will, you can’t have the Independence Day script. It might make too much money. Or even better yet, nope sorry Native Americans, you can’t keep your traditional hunting grounds, we need you to move to the desolate backlands of America. Or, yeah, sorry but you’ll have to sit at the back of the bus.

The offering to the gas companies look different when you realize that where they have been given the rights to drill isn’t profitable. Then add onto it that they will be taxed even more if they are, and you’ve got the best plan for Middle East energy dependence in history. Now why would they want that?

I thought that the Liberals wanted energy independence? I thought it was their battle cry that Bush started the war over oil. I thought that it was them who said that we brought 9/11 on ourselves by being dependent. Wouldn’t it make sense then that they would be for creating our own oil, and getting us out of the war? Then it must be something else?

Oh that’s right, socialism. One fire for another, keep the masses needing the political messiah, so he can stay in power. Right. I almost forgot.


Kara said...

Seriously...is there really nothing better to do in COsta Rica than worry about economics and the political scene in the US? I bet if you asked Debbie, she could have a few ideas...remember, the kids are at home now, but your next trip will be with them... and if you still have time to blog... you must be doing it wrong. Even Todd and I know that :)

Loreen Bliss said...

So true! That is so cool that you had these all written before your vacation and had it set up to post while you were gone. Didn't know you could do that!