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Monday, November 17, 2008

The Narcissistic Battle Ground

As I watch the news I see gay protesters angry at the outcome of an election, vocal about their disappointment that the majority stood up and voted against gay marriage. I see a group of people filled with hate towards religion, and community organizers, business owners and private citizens, who used the correct way to right a wrong and stand up for what they believe. I see groups of gay people who demand change, demand equality, demand justice, and demand that the majority bow to their minority point of view.

I just have one thing to say. Shuuuuut uuuup!

Why should I be tolerant of your life style when you are clearly not tolerant of mine? You believe that I should be tolerant of your choices, yet, in no way, shape, or form are you tolerant of the fact that I believe that what you are doing is immoral. Who cares whether you were born with it or not, I do not have to be tolerant of immoral lifestyle choices that go against what I believe.

You are gay, I am religious. You think that you have the right to have sex with whomever you want. I think that I have the right to believe in God, that he has a plan, that he made us a certain way to accomplish certain things.

When did your rights become more important than mine?

Why should I have to modify my beliefs to accommodate yours?

You think that I am bigot and intolerant because I don’t accept your lifestyle. But if we turn the question around, you are a bigot because you won’t accept mine. You are just as intolerant as I am. You are just like me.

But, you say, “If you don’t accept me, your religion is flawed. You are a fraud and so is your God.”

Wrong. Your argument is flawed.

Homosexuality is a chosen behavior, an actual action that is chosen, not a defining characteristic. Yet, the majority of gay people develop an overwhelming narcissistic personality. Everything that they are, everything that they do, everything that they revolve their life around is outwardly gay. In other words, they are defined first and foremost by their sexual orientation. This is not normal and in any other situation would be viewed as, well, an abnormal behavioral issue.

Let’s look at it another way. How many times do heterosexual people have to tell their family or friends, by word or deed, that they are heterosexuals? Do heterosexuals have to confirm, in words or deeds, their sexual orientation to everyone? Do heterosexuals have to run around demanding that others accept them? Do they go around promoting the fact that they are straight? Are their straight parades? Are there straight promotional functions? Are there colors to identify straightness?

No, because they do not need to justify their behavior. They do not need to define themselves based their sexual orientation. They do not need to force others to accept them. My beliefs are apparent in my words and deeds, but I am not narcissistic in them. I do not spend my day trying to get others to define me solely on my religion and forcing them to accept me as is, or else. People know me as a father, a business owner, an honest hardworking man, and a myriad of other things long before they know my religion. That is not abnormal.

If a person loved the color blue and warped their life around the color blue, painted their house blue, only wore blue cloths, and told everyone who would listen about the color blue. If they held blue parades, and only went to blue bars, if they tried to pass laws for the color blue, or tried to get everyone to accept the color blue, how would they be viewed? Again, this type of narcissism is abnormal.

So while gays run around protesting, calling people who disagree with them bigots and intolerant the questions still begs a response. . .

Why do I have to bend my beliefs so that you can impose yours on me?

Why do I have to accept your rights when you trample on my own?

Why does my life have to change so that you can live your own?

Why should I let you live your life, when you won’t let me live my own?

I do not care what you do in the privacy of your own bedroom. I do not care what you do when your door is closed. I do not care that you chose to participate in an act that I find immoral, just as I don’t care what heterosexuals do in their own bedrooms behind closed doors.

But the second that you bring the fight out from that door and try to impose your rights over mine, I will fight back. The second you try to change how I believe, teach my kids, and stand up for my beliefs, I will fight you with all the religious organizations, friends, money and energy that I can muster. That is my right in this country, take it or leave it.

Your right to be gay does not trump my right to believe.

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