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Monday, November 10, 2008

Obama’s Mandate

The night after the election I happened to catch the Reverend Jesse Jackson on Larry King. He was using the “M” word. Now, a lot of conservatives want to fight the notion that that there is a mandate. Lets’ be honest, you can claim a landslide victory in the Electoral College, but at least 50 million people don’t want what Obama is selling.

But still, rather than fighting the notion on whether or not Obama has a mandate, I say, let’s jump on the bandwagon and increase the hype, the expectations and the endorsement of such a thing. Here’s why.

In 1994, I was working at a college that had one of those huge pendulums that hung from the ceiling and rotated using the worlds wobble to tell time. Two brilliant freshman (liberal arts majors I’m sure) thought that it would be a smashing idea to see how far they could swing the pendulum by pushing it. They got behind it and pushed it with all they had, then stood back to watch their achievement. What they didn’t know was that the force in which they pushed the pendulum increased the arc’s apex on the other side. When it came back it swung further than either of them suspected. One lost his two front teeth, the other got a concussion, a skull fracture, and a black eye.

Mandate, sure. You go for it! You push that pendulum with all your might. I wonder if Pelosi has enough makeup to cover up a black eye, (oh wait, have you seen the make-up on that woman? I am sure she does.)

But more importantly, I think something else needs to be addressed here. While the liberals run around talking about this mandate, they have lost sight of one minor detail. By their own accounts, the middle of America voted because of their hatred for Bush. This is a mighty big difference than voting for Obama, no matter how they want to spin it. When middle America wakes from this hope induced hangover and realize that what Obama wants is different than what they want, those same voters who didn’t take the time to actually learn something about politics, promises and political marketing will be easily swayed to hate him as well.

What goes around, comes around.

(Oh, and don't get all over me for finding the ugliest picture of Pelosi I could find. I envoke the Bush Rule.)


Josh Ray said...

I don't know if I can cheer for him as he pushes our country towards socialism. I do think it's ridiculous that people are talking about a mandate though. The electoral college was a landslide but the popular vote (the vote that actually counts in my mind) was no where near a landslide.

Thanks for your blog.

Kara said...

You should not be blogging... you should be scuba diving, or at least snorkeling!!

JAM said...

I was on vacation. I wrote all the blogs before I left and then scheduled them to be posted each morning.