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Friday, November 14, 2008

Tax Cuts Where You Pay More taxes

Remember, not so long ago that Obama promised that no one under $250k would get a tax increase? Remember the commercials telling the country that a nurse would get $1,500 back, but under John’s plan they would only get $150? Wasn’t that nice? Of course you all believed it right?

Oh, grasshopper. The road to bliss is paved with empty promises.

The first months in office Congress and Obama are going to repeal the Bush tax cuts. Repeal, as in abolish, abate, halt, terminate, end and you will then go back to the old system where everyone across the board pays higher taxes. This part is fact. Even the nurse will pay more in taxes.

“But, but, Obama said that if I made under $250k, that he would not raise my taxes, he promised!”

Oh, grasshopper. The road to bliss is also paved in half truths.

He isn’t raising taxes. He’s repealing the Bush tax cuts. So even if you are paying more in taxes, he keeps his end of the deal. Weren’t you paying attention on how he said what he said, or did you just stop listening after “hate Bush, I give you hope, change you can believe in.”

Then, if the climate is right and Congress is willing, he will move into his brilliant tax plan of redistribution of your wealth. Yes, even you nurse Kelly.

You see, once Congress gets a hold of that extra cash, do you think that they are going to give it up? C’mon, honestly? Have you not paid attention over the past two decades? He doesn’t have to give you anything, he just has to keep his promise of not raising taxes and you’ll just go on with your lives, not knowing that the white lie he told was to get you to look past the repeal of Bush’s tax cuts, get him elected, and give him power. He raised your taxes and you weren't even aware of it. Once again you were used, and you didn't even know it. Brilliant!

Think I’m wrong? Wait and see. The next tax year after Bush’s cuts are repealed take a look at your 1040’s tax tables. I bet you a wooden nickel and a trip to Tortilla Flats that you pay more then you did in 2008. I bet McCain’s $150 tax cut looks better than the $1,200 more you’ll pay in taxes that year.

Then again, I hear paying more taxes is still patriotic. That’s why rich Democrats don’t use any loopholes when they visit with their accountants come tax season. They always give every dime, happily, don’t they. In your dreams.

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