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Monday, December 22, 2008

Proud That I Stand For Something


For the last few weeks I have seen people who stand for something take a beating in the media, by liberals and by people who are simply OUT OF THEIR MINDS!

I am sick and tired of people taking potshots at people of faith, people who believe in family values, and people who do not buy into the liberal crap, empty promise, everything goes, values.

I warn you, this is NOT going to be politically correct. It is NOT going to be nice and it is NOT going to make you feel like giving someone a hug. I am pissed and it is about time you stupid liberal fascists sit down, shut up and take some notes.

I have learned one thing from the Gay community over the years and I am about to employ if just as they do. SAY IT LOUD AND SAY IT PROUD! I am tired of people with beliefs being drowned out by hypocritical, narcissistic, socialists, so here it is, LOUD AND PROUD!

I am PROUD that I am a man of faith. I believe in God, in His Son Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost. I am religious by CHOICE not by some fracture of mind, or mental instability, I have read more than most of you anti-God liberals both for and against religion. I CHOOSE to believe. I CHOOSE to apply religious restraint on my passions and seek to repent and become a better person.

I am PROUD that I believe in the sanctity of the family AND marriage. I believe a family is a man and a woman who are legally and lawfully married. Men should stand up and take responsibility for their actions and BE a father. Mothers and Fathers should be parents first and then other stuff second. I am sick and tired of liberals pointing fingers at people who believe that families are important. Take a look at where liberals fester in mass and you will find more broken homes, more single parents, more delinquency, and more poverty and sorrow. IT IS NOT A COINCEDENCE! Liberalism breeds dysfunction. Tolerance breeds degenerate behavior. The family is the only thing that is important and EVERYTHING should be done to protect it.

I am PROUD that I believe that a unborn baby should have the right to live. Freedom of choice is the dumbest, most ludicrous argument ever created. People who harp on this and say that it should be their right to choose can’t possibly be serious. Look at the argument. You want the right to choose a different natural consequence from an early choice you CHOSE to make. Where else does this logic even make sense? Now, I believe that if a woman is raped, or her health is in danger that she should have a choice. I also believe that only the Supreme Court interprets that law. However, I believe in something more basic. I believe that for most women, the right to choose took place BEFORE she got pregnant, in a bedroom, the back seat of a car, at prom, when she was drunk at a bar, or just because she didn’t want to say no, or even if she just wanted to say yes. I believe that is when she made the choice and was free to do so. I believe that if abortion absolves a woman of her first choice that it should be applied universally. If abortion is the law, and freedom to choose a different natural outcome is upheld, then that must be applied universally to all who “make a choice” but are unwilling to live with the result. Therefore, it should be illegal for children who smoke to get lung cancer, because they should have the right to choose. Golfers, who slice the ball into the water, should not incur a penalty stroke for the hazard, nor the penalty of a drop, because they should have the right choose. Obese people should not have to endure the health problems of being overweight due to over eating. They should also have the right to choose what they want to eat, without consequences. In short, under this reasoning, anyone who does not like the natural outcome should be allowed to choose if they are willing to accept or reject that outcome. Stupid liberal logic. How dumb are you? “I demand the right to choose!” Good, use it BEFORE you ask for another choice that changes the natural outcome.

I am PROUD to reject the religion of evolution. I did not evolve from primordial slime, or a monkey. I am NOT merely an animal, wondering the earth without purpose or reason. The science DOES NOT support evolution. There is absolutely no proof that a species evolves from one thing into another. The only proof you can supply is the adaptation of a species. I suspect that evolution has less to do with science than it does about your political agenda. The more we learn, the more we see that we were not a mistake, a chance one in a million freak accident. I am a child of God. I am made in his image. I have a purpose and it is more than breeding, feeding and acting on my impulses.

I am PROUD that I reject the political aspirations of Global Warming. Notice that I did not say I reject Global Warming. I reject using it as a weapon to shut down businesses, or human projects, or drilling for oil. And I won’t EVER agree to use it unilaterally. While we handcuff our economy, shackle growth, and prohibit resource accumulation, China and Russia couldn’t care less and will pollute the world at ten times the levels we do. It is an asinine proposal to strap ourselves and weaken our economy over global warming. We could not be more stupid! When we have no more resources, jobs and no economy, people will turn on you and your environmental terrorists and trample you all on their way to drill all over the U.S. Your celebrity endorsements will dry up because people won’t care what they have to say, and all the money that people donate to you and your lackeys will dry up. The only reason you exist, is because oil, and other natural resources that were ripped from the earth made a population that was rich, stupid, lazy and Godless who needed a project to give money to fill that empty hole in their souls. If you want religion out of the schools, take your religion of global warming with you too.

I am PROUD that I believe in the Constitution and in separation of power. However I am also PROUD to believe that our government is corrupt, crooked and turning quickly against everything the Constitution stands for. I believe that both Congress and the Courts have raped the American people. I believe that the courts are full of unscrupulous, crooked judges who like and want to legislate from the bench. I believe that both houses of congress are corrupt and devoid of morals, common sense, and soul. I am PROUD to believe that it is my right and my duty for a second revolution, sooner than later.

I am PROUD I am not a socialist. The New World Order, a combination of monetary systems, a loosening of boarders and a promise of government entitlements will end the U.S., end our freedom, and end our way of life. Liberals say that they want equality for all! It is all bull #$%&! They want to dominate. Look at the evidence. Liberals create dependence, poverty, class wars, unions, disparity and helplessness so they can be the ruling class. Again, look to where liberals are the dominate thinkers and voters. Let’s look at New Orleans. For several decades the liberals, who were in power, created program after program to help the poor. They “invested” millions and millions of dollars in programs, entitlements, and help. They created a dependent society suckling at the liberal tit of socialism. They had been condition to “need” government assistance, and could not act for themselves. Then something happened. Katrina hit. Where were the democratic, liberal fascists? What real help did they provide? NONE! But they did what they do best, they blamed everyone else. “Where was Bush and FEMA?” Where was your own responsibility? YOU LIVE IN A BOWL THAT IS LOWER THEN SEA LEVEL! But, still, your local liberal government didn’t use its resources to evacuate people with their school buses. The local liberal government didn’t do anything to secure a safe shelter, and the local liberal government didn’t raise their hands to help until after they got done blaming the federal government for not rushing in. Those who were suckled at the tit of socialism looked for another handout, and when it wasn’t there they looted the stores, stole big screen T.V.’s and shot each other. Now I can hear you yelling “racist,” but before you get a bloody nose, let’s look at a conservative response to a much bigger natural disaster shall we? Because I don’t think it has anything to do with race. It has everything to do with what you believe! In 2007, the Mississippi river flooded its banks. There were more than four times the number of homes and businesses destroyed in that flood than in Katrina. More than triple the number of people were homeless, more damage was done to property and possessions. What was their response? I am glad you asked. You see they were brought up under a different belief system, they believed in self responsibility. They believed in self reliance. They believed it wasn’t the governments job to save them. They had food set aside. They had shelters set up. They had churches who actually had a plan to help it’s members. They had communities that worked together. Guess how many people died there? 2. Guess how many stores were looted? 0. Guess how many volunteers showed up to help? Thousands. Guess how many people were raped in the shelters? 0 Guess how many people complained that Bush was the reason for their demise? None. What was the difference? One sucked socialism down like a drunk. The other believed as I do.

Oh, by the way, our local newspaper ran a story about a man who left New Orleans after Katrina and came to a western U.S. city. He was a chef and got a job at a local restaurant. When asked if he was ever going to go back to New Orleans he said, “Never. I never knew what existed outside of New Orleans. I can see now how corrupt, and terrible that place was. People there are always looking for a handout because the government controls their lives. I like being in control of my own life!” I am Proud to believe the same and that Socialism is not only stupid, but dangerous.

I am PROUD of my white heritage. People who want me to bow down to “the white man’s disease” of self loathing can kiss my lily white butt! I am Swiss, my ancestors came to the U.S. in the late 1800’s I have nothing to be ashamed of. My family worked hard and gained a life without the help of the government. People all over want me to cower back and not be proud of my own heritage. I can't even think about organizing a white group for any reason, because I would then be a racist. I am sickened by the duplicity of minority groups and their separatist agendas. Imagine if we created an NAAWP?! We would be racists, but groups can get together and bash white people all they want and it is called “Culture.” Imagine if we created a cable network called white entertainment television (WET), had our own awards, and talked smack about people of color? IF IT IS RACIST WHEN WHITE PEOPLE DO IT IS ALSO RACIST IF PEOPLE OF COLOR DO IT!

I am PROUD own a business.
I am PROUD I have kids who have been taught right from wrong.
I am PROUD I drive a foreign car.
I am PROUD I am proud I own a gun.
I am PROUD I will not shut up.
I am PROUD I will not give in.
I am PROUD I am who I am, with all my faults.

So the next time you think about belittling people who believe in something other than you because you think you now have the right after the election.

Think again.

We will get louder. And we are proud!

We’re here, we are not queer (or liberal), so get used to it


Kara and Todd said...

I knew there was a reason we liked you!! Well said!

Debbie said...

And to add to that...I am PROUD to be a woman and a mother. I choose to have children and be responsible for the things they are taught. I choose to raise happy, responsible, intelligent, future self-reliant children.
I am PROUD to have the most effect on society through a positive example. And I dare anyone to prove to me that they have a greater affect on society than I do. I will not be bullied into being a lazy parent by "society's standards". I choose to be responsible for my choice to be a parent...I do not take that lightly!

Loreen Bliss said...

Wow wow wow wow wow!!!! I couldn't say it better myself, so I'm not going to. I'll just continue to read your words and spread the word! And here here Debbie! You too, have much good to contribute to this blog, so thanks for your comment! I agree! I am PROUD to be a mother of FIVE awesome children who are my top priority! People have told me my baby is the best baby they have ever seen. So happy, smiley, haven't heard her cry (she does, but really not much)... all my kids have been good kids! I say my kids are very loved, feel secure, and get their mother's attention. I'm home... and I believe that make a difference! My music, my interests are woven around my families. I choose to have a happy family and I'm PROUD of that! I have too many friends in the music business that are divorced. I have people ask me why I don't move to Nashville and pursue my country music career. I just laugh and say that my family is here! The entertainment field is sooo full of liberals.. Look at how many entertainers, actors, singers have broken homes. That just isn't worth it to me. I'll do what I can here at home thanks. Sing around Utah thanks. I'm happy, I'm content and that is success as far as I'm concerned. I will never wonder "what if" because I know the what if would be disaster, and my happy marriage and my happy kids are more important to me than the "what if." I am PROUD that I am finally learning about all that is going on in the world and not just sticking my head in the sand like too many people out there.

Anonymous said...

I am impressed by the writer of this blog and also the comments of its readers. I served 22+ years in our military, so if you can do basic math you can see that I am truly a senior citizen having retired from such 35+ years ago. I truly believe that our country is being taken over by idiots in D.C., but guess what, who in the world has allowed this to happen? Check him or her out in your bathroom every morning. JAM you make me feel good and hopeful that someone will appear on the scene to do this country proud as it's president. Keep up the good work. JRB