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Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Ascent of Money

I had been working on a rather lengthy blog about how this economic crisis happened, and school all you liberals, who blamed Bush on why it happened, but it turns out, someone already did it, and it came from a rather unlikely source.


Now, I am not a real fan of PBS. Yes, I occasionally watch several shows on this “public” station, but on the whole, I think that a governmentally subsidized “not for profit” entity that allows merchandising that makes millions for the producers, but not enough to pay for the show (think about it, Sesame Street makes millions selling merchandise, but needs millions of dollars from the government to put the show on PBS). Having gotten that off my chest. . . .

The show was called “The Ascent of Money” and I think that every American over the age of ten should have to watch it. I think Congress should have to watch it weekly, if not daily and I think that you should watch it now.


Yes, I know it takes two hours. SO WHAT? You can’t take two hours to learn what you should have to be classified as an adult? I promise that if more people watch this they will make better decisions, have less debt, and work to get our country back from spendthrift liberals.

Yes, I know that at one point the narrator says that George Bush says that he wanted 5.5 million more minority home owners, but it was individual members of congress who pushed Fannie & Freddie to loan to people who couldn’t qualify. Go back and read what Bush said, the whole statement, he was talking about people increasing their standard of living and being able to afford a mortgage. It was members of congress guided by groups like ACORN that pushed to give loans to people without jobs, people who couldn’t afford the payments, and people who would ultimately default on their loans.

Pay close attention to the last hour, and think about what this new government of ours is doing and what it is promising to do. It should scare the &^%$# out of you.

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