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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inauguration Revelations

(For those of you who still think this has something to do with racism I refer you to my December 16th blog.)

As I watched the Liberal Messiah Tuesday at the Inauguration I was a little sickened by the idol worship the participants, attendees, and the media has for someone who, to be honest with you, hasn’t earned it. I was simply amazed at the crying and erratic posturing of a lot of the people. It scared me a little.

But the revelations that came out of the inauguration were many, and scary, to those of us who were not overcome by the sheer presence of the Liberal Messiah.

First, from Diane Feinstein:

“Future generations will mark this morning as the turning point for real and necessary change in our nation. . .” This is entirely based upon which line you draw in the sand. If you are a liberal, this day marked the moment that power shifted. If you are not, it is the moment that we lost ourselves.

Then the Liberal Messiah spoke:

On this day we come to proclaim an end of petty grievances, the false promises and worn out dogmas that for far too long have strangled our politics . . . the time has come to set aside childish things. . .”

That is rich! For those of us who sat through the petty liberal fascists attacks on everything we believe in for the last two years! Everything and I mean everything was on the table. Liberals attacked every worthwhile, conservative idea with reckless abandon. They played dirtier than ANY republican in history, and NOW they want to proclaim an end? Nice. All I can say to that is %$#&^%% you stupid *&&^%$%^! You declared war, fought dirty and won, and now you want to put it all behind you? Good luck.

Then my favorite moment of the Liberal Messiah’s indoctrination speech:

“The question is not if the government is too big or too small, but if it is working. . . Where the answer is “no” those programs will end.”

Really? Good let’s start with CONGRESS! What exactly have they done for the PEOPLE in the last four years? How about Welfare? Every state in the union last year has study that said that no one, not one state had a program that worked with the federal system. How about the U.S. Political campaign system and how the money works. How about Fannie May and Freddie Mac? How about the freggin NEA, that has never worked. How about the Liberal fascist program called the National Association of Science? How about Social Security? Not one of these programs will change under his worshipfulness’ regime. Not one of these will be put on the chopping block and none of these systems will end. He’s not unequivocally ready to make government work, he’s just posturing to do away with those portions he doesn’t agree with. There isn’t one government program that I can claim that works at all. So maybe it’s time to do away with the whole thing.

Another brilliant, eloquent prose that means something completely different from the Liberal Messiah:

He said, after talking about the founding fathers with such slickery: “We will remake America” not restore American. Notice that this isn’t about putting us back, it is reforming us. Nice, I bet no one crying at the sight of him, noticed.

Then he said:

“Those of us who manage the public dollars will be held accountable. . . to spend wisely and do our business in the light of day”

Well dammit, someone better get on the phone and tell Pelosi and Reed because they are working to put government back behind closed doors and repeal all that the 1994 congress put in place to strip the democrats of their back room deals, their smoke screen leadership, and their morally challenged government style.

Then the grand daddy of them all. The one that made me so mad that I wanted to chuck something at the T.V. The Liberal ObamaCrack Addicts drink this up and don’t even know what it means:

“Success of our economy is based on the reach of prosperity.”

Really? So our prosperity is defined by the number of people who are prosperous with us? Kind of like when everyone makes the same wage, or get the same benefits, or share in all the risk equally? How about we redistribute all the wealth so that the reach of prosperity is “far reaching?” Let’s start with Oprah. How about she chooses 100 people, I don’t care who they are, and redistribute all her wealth equally among them and see if she feels the reach of prosperity.

Stupid people.

The laws of economics say that risk is rewarded, but few are willing to take the risk. That is why and how things get done. People are willing to only take the risk when they feel they will receive a reward that is large enough to overcome the risk. By definition, the reach of prosperity has no bearing on economics. Individuals get rich, get over it, they took the risk. When individuals get rich they do it by hiring other people, and providing jobs for others. Think about if there were no rewards for the risk of oil, we would still be sitting around our hearths playing the fiddle and wondering how the crops are going to fair this year. If there were no rewards for the risk of industrialization, you wouldn’t be reading this, there would be no computers, no cars, no A/C, no Wii, no Las Vegas, no jobs and no future. If there was no rewards for the risk in food production, you would still be eating hard tack and whatever you could forage for. Do you honestly think that any of this would happen if your reward was the same as everyone else’s? Even if you did all the work, took all the risks, and expended all your time, but the reward was the same as someone who did nothing?! Do you really think that a future energy source is going to be found, created, manufactures, sold and managed by the government? Oh, that’s right because there is so many new inventions and progress coming out of Italy, France, Russia and China. Wake up! If I am going to be punished and taxed for taking the risk and being successful, I may rethink my business plan and hover right around mediocrity so I don’t get penalized. Oh, and by the way, the jobs I would have created won’t be there to fund the jobs that fund your job. So good luck in the future as we redistribute less and less, and the government taxes us all more and more.

This shows me he doesn’t have a clue about economics, he has a clue about socialism though.

For all you Obamacrack addicts I say this.

For all the hope you feel right now, I feel the same measure of despair.

This inauguration showed me that as citizens, we have lost all semblance of what the founding fathers wanted us t0 become.


Vanessa Shannon said...

Ugh...I wish you werent right but you are soooooo right.

Anonymous said...

Very well said, I applaude your ability to see through Obama. This has nothing to do with the inauguration but has to do with polygamy/gay marriage if you have not already read it it than here is the link http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/28776588
If you have read it what are your thoughts? One person stated that sent the link to me that "it sure does open a can of worms here in the states because it could leave the FLDS wide open to sue for their right as well."

Loreen Bliss said...

It was a sad day.