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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It took less than 6 days

Remember when the Liberals spent all of their time whining and complaining that President Bush lied and that was unacceptable to the American people?

It took Obama less than six days to lie to everyone.

What was his lie? Let's go back to his inauguration speech, shall we? That great eloquence of this historical man, the liberal messiah's message of hope and change. It wasn't that long ago, but for you A.D.D Liberals let's review. . .

He said, “Those of us who manage the public dollars will be held accountable. . . to spend wisely and do our business in the light of day

His point that he was going to conduct business in the light of day, right?

Then why did he give millions of dollars to fund overseas abortions behind closed doors? Why were the press not allowed to know before he did it? Why did he release a statement only after pushed?

Because they all lie. That is standard operating procedure in Washington.

Just thought I would point out to all you idiots that voted for Obama "change," He's no better than the man you used to hate.

I'd would now like a marble from all of you.

On a different note, I talked with a friend who pointed out that we've gone from a president who couldn't find two coherent words to put together, to a man who's only substance is that he can put a whole slew of coherent words together.

He also said that it was the perfect storm that led to this "historic election." The U.S. would have elected a "a Spanish speaking, midget, transvestite, with one arm and a lisp, as long as it wasn't a republican or someone that even looked a little like Bush."

(That's kinda racist. Well, I'll let you tell him. He's a 6 foot 6, 375 pound, black guy who is proud of Obama in a fashion, but is conservative too the core.)

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