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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Excuse me while I blow a fuse

What happened to the guy who stumped across America talking about change and hope? What happened to the guy that promised that he would reach across the isle and work with the opposition? What happened to the guy who promised in his inaugural speech to be open and honest with his government?

What happened to that guy?

I'll tell you what happened. HE LIED! THEY ALWAYS LIE!

All you sanctimonious Obamacrack addicts would be in an uproar if this was a Republican. But since he's a fellow liberal all of this is just hunky dory when he lies to your face, and forgets every promise that he made during campaigning. He could sell your soul and all you can think about is "that audacity of hope." If you voted for this Bozo you were taken in the biggest scam in history.

Want proof?

Name one thing he has done that he promised to do? ONE. Not five, ONE! He isn't even trying to do most of the things you voted him to do.

"He's working on the economy." You say.

Really? Let's take a look shall we? He could have worked for a bill that was ONLY stimulus and NONE of the PORK and it would have sailed through congress and the senate and be working for you weeks ago. HE DID NOT DO SO! He could have rained in Queen Pelosi and Prince William to get a bill that would actually help the U.S. HE DID NOT DO SO. He isn't working for you. He has no intentions of working for you. IF HE HAD HE WOULD DO IT ON HIS FIRST ITEMS OF BUSINESS! Why make a poor first impression?

If he really cared about you, about his promises, about the country, he would have made an extra concerted effort to be what he said he was in the first month.

He did not.

What does that tell you?

It has nothing to do with the Republicans. This is how your president is acting.

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