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Monday, February 9, 2009

Those who have ears let them hear

I spent a lot of time this past week, as some of you did too, studying Mathew Chapter 13. It struck me that there are a lot of similarities from that time a couple thousand years ago and our time.

In this chapter Jesus Christ taught the people in parables. Why did he teach them in parables? His reasons were two fold.

First, parables are a unique way of telling everyone a story that has multiple meanings. To some, it meant a nice little story. To others it had deep meaning that they needed to ponder. But to those who knew, it meant specific things in specific ways, that had specific results.

Second, it was a way to convey information out in the open, even though it might not be for everyone who can hear.

Thus the saying, "Let those who have ears hear."

Right now we are in the midst of an economic crisis which the prevailing government has chosen to use to grab power, change the course of our country, disrupt Conservative beliefs and morals, and implement their own. It is nothing less than a pivotal point in our country's development.

They are buying votes with special interest spending.

Right now the president is going on a whirlwind tour to get people to accept his Spedulis Plan. He wants people to pressure congress, no scratch that, Republicans to vote for the bill.

Problem: He doesn't need the votes. If the democrats wanted to pass the bill there is nothing the Republicans can do about it. They just need to vote and be done with it.

But they won't. Not without Republican finger prints on it.

"Let those with ears hear, and those with eyes see."

Why don't the Democrats vote for it pass it and get on with it if it is so important?

Why will they not risk their own political capital by passing it themselves?

Why are they so concerned about Republican support?

"Let those with ears hear, and those with eyes see."

Why don't the democrats scale down the bill, cross over and add some of the Republican ideas to get more support?

Why are democrats hell bent on leaving in spending that has no place in a stimulus bill, that if they took it out, it would have more support?

Why is the president traveling and rallying support for a bill written in congress that the White House only had a small amount of input on?

"Let those with ears hear, and those with eyes see."

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