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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

100 Days on Obamacrack

Lets have a status report shall we? (This is a much toned down piece than the original one I wrote. The other had too many swear words in it to leave here. My Net Nanny was blocking it so I couldn't even read it.)

Here were the ten things he promised and how I feel he is doing.

1. End the war in Iraq.

Nope. He got into he oval office and got a real briefing on what is going on and decided to keep the troops where they were. Oh, and just in case that war didn't go well, he spent the first three weeks of his administration doing everything he can to make USweaker and a prime target for the next attack. So he can have his own war.

2. Make the U.S. energy independent.

No drilling, no clean coal, no nuclear reactors. Nope we are still as hooked to the middle east oil. I sure hope that they get the windmills up and running because Obama's energy plan BLOWS! (or sucks depending on which way the windmill is turned.)

3. Create Jobs.

Yep, he created hundreds of shovel ready jobs. Too bad his fiscal policy ruined any traction we once had and millions of real people who had real jobs (you know good paying non-shovel using jobs) are out of work.

4. Bring unity to the U.S. Listen to the other side of the isle.

Five words: Most divisive President in history. He only stretched his hand across the isle to slap a seventy-year-old war veteran and to steal all the cash he had in his wallet.

5. Repair our economy

Yep. it sure "Feels" like our economy is coming around. Too bad we financed what little success this Blowhole gave us with every last dime of our children's future. I look at my not quite teenage daughter and shed a tear. She doesn't even have a chance. He has already spent her future to get what he wanted right now.

6. Bring down the cost of health care/ universal health care

Being uninsured. I hoped that this might get somewhere. But, nope. All we get is a "down payment." Kind of like layaway. You pay as you go, then you get to keep it, only to find out you don't want it anyway.

7. Tax cuts for the middle class under $250,000.

Nope, with cap and trade and letting Bush's tax cuts expire, every person in the U.S. (except those who don't pay taxes) are going to be paying more. Just think, he didn't raise taxes at all, and still was able to lie to your face as he slipped his hand into your pocket. Dirty Pervert!

8. Improve foreign relations.

Well, if you think that being apologetic and conciliatory to terrorists, bowing to foreign oil cartels, and not understanding U.S History good foreign relations, yep he's 100%.

9. Keep America safe.

Not in a million years. He quietly selling us off, pimping us out, and destroying the U.S.'s ability to strike back. You'd be a fool if you didn't recognize the yellow bastard. One of the first things he did was appease the Muslim extremists. Yeah good luck with that one. I hope they cut off his outstretched hand.

10. Solve the entitlement programs of Social Security and Medicare.

What people don;' understand is that this is a time bomb. It is the exact same issue GM is dealing with. GM is about to go bust under his omnipotent leadership. So is medicare and SS.

So where does this leave us? While the main stream media is having their Obamaffair, the rest of us are going to have to figure out if we have enough ammo yet to take back our country, and at what point we say enough is enough?

Nope the first 100 days on ObamaCrack was enough for me. I'd like to be sober please.

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