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Monday, November 16, 2009

Our Bowing Idiot

While I spent the weekend snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas, Obamassiah AGAIN does something that tells you how he feels about this country.

He bowed to the Emperor of Japan.

Not a big deal you say?

You are a moron, I say.

Here is the leader of the free world bowing to the Emperor of a foreign country. If that is not a big deal, what is? How many times is he going to have to show you what he believes in before you stop listening to what he is telling you he believes in? It is just another in a long line of ACTIONS that speak louder than words. His actions tell us that he is ready and willing to bow to others as he wants the U.S. to bow to others.

Then the White House denied that he bowed.

ARE YOU SERIOUS? How many times is this administration going to get caught on tape or in a photograph before they realize that that EVERYONE HAS A CAMERA IN THEIR CELLPHONE? How are these idiots running our country?

He didn't mean anything by it, you say.

Oh, my foolish feeble minded Obamacrack junkie, I say.

There are only two scenarios here. One, he knew exactly what he was doing. OR two, he and his staff are so incompetent, so inept, so "can't find their asses with both hands" stupid that no one told him of the hailstorm Clinton caused in 1994 by only slightly bowing to the Emperor. Better yet, they are so inanely brainless and dimwitted that they could not remember that they were raked across the coals less than a year ago when Obamassiah bowed to the Saudi Prince and caught all hell from it.

So Obamacrack heads, which one do you want? A leader who willingly bows to another government knowing full well that the action speaks volumes about his true intentions for this country, OR a leader and administration who is too incredibly stupid to know that bowing is the wrong protocol. (Don't give me the 'his staff didn't know' crap either. What is he paying these people for?)

Either one is fine with me.

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