I will use this blog to do three things. One, provide a voice of opposition to the liberal controlled government. Two, to track their progress on promises they made to get elected (to see if they ever deliver.) Three, to vent, educate, and to work through my own frustration. Please read the ground rules if you wish to respond to this blog.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Messiah?

As I sat and watch Obama’s acceptance speech last night, I found my heart repeating “yes we can.” I found myself swelling up with the crowd full of emotion as they repeated it over and over again. “Change we can believe in.” I saw the tears, the joy, the pride. I found myself almost believing that this man was the savior of our nation, the messiah of politics and the answer to all my concerns. He could save us. He could save us all! He’s the man with the plan. He’s the man with all the answers!

And then I woke up from my audacity of hope induced coma . My keen intellect wouldn’t allow the brainwashing to sink in. The crowd mentality, the me too, crackerjack prize at the bottom, jump on board, “Change we can believe in” snake oil salesman’s empty promises would not work with me.

Then it hit me. I get to have the job that the liberals got to have for the last 8 years. I get to sit back and watch it all implode. I get to armchair quarterback the destruction of the United States and comment on all the things that they do wrong. I don’t have to offer any hope, real legislation, or bipartisan support, but instead, offer a steady does of “well, here’s what you did wrong” finger wagging. What a great job! Then in four years, I get to lead the charge as stupid people who drank the cool-aide wonder, “what just happened? I though t that they were going to save me. I thought they were going to help me. I thought that things would be perfect, easy, and. . .” (gulp) “What happened?”

So let’s set some ground rules to how this is going to work.

1. I am not going to call him by his title. The Liberals and their media desecrated the presidential office by calling that other dude “Mister Bush.” So according to rule #2, I will continue this practice and it is fair game. This is the “Not my President Rule.”
2. Anything that was fair game with the Liberals is fair game now. You all got to sit back and criticize without impunity, now it is my turn. (Nothing is off limits.) This is the "Bush Hater Rule."
3. I have chosen ten promises that Obama made to the nation in his election speech. I will from time to time, critique him on how well he is doing. Although, I will almost always going to place it in the larger context, the final judgment will be based on how what he does directly affects me, personally. Not fair? That’s how you voted, isn’t it. On whether you thought he would affect your life personally? Hey, if you voted because you personally hated Bush, I got news for you, you’re going to hate Obama even worse. This is the “Bite Me Rule.”
4. I do not have to accept any personal responsibility for anything I write. You want facts checked, go check them yourself. If you think that my take on the facts is not accurate, tuff. Your left wing agenda media didn’t do their own fact checking and when they were called on the carpet, they never took responsibility. When they take responsibility, so will I. “Blind Faith Rule
5. If you’re going to argue with me, and make posts on this blog, be prepared for two things. One, if I don’t like it, I will remove it and call you a hatemonger, a bigot, or a radical (that’s all you’ve done and it works for you). Two, you better come with both barrels loaded because I’m a pretty smart guy, with a whole lot to say, and oh yeah, it’s my blog. (Oh, don’t cry, your media will still feed you your daily dose of Obamacrack.) This is the “Mainstream Media Rule.”
6. For those of you who think it is going to be funny to just post “Yes we can” because B.O. says for you to say it to all the naysayers, critics, and pundits who don’t agree with him, save it. Go read a little history, Hitler, Stalin and Carl (Marx for all you non-readers out there), all had their “followers” repeat slogans in the face of detractors. So do cult leaders and the mentally insane. This is the “Empty words Rule.”
7. For all those who want to support B.O. by invoking the failed policies of Bush, stop. I won’t defend Bush. It is time for B.O. to stand where he was placed, by his supporters, on his own. Every single thing he does, he does now alone. All the nation’s problems are now his problems. No excuses, no fall back, no scapegoat. He takes full responsibility for the nation as of today. You have the Clinton’s to thank for that little rule. The buck stops with the president. Period. The moment I hear “Bushes failed ______” (insert the blank) I will invoke the "Clinton Rule."
8. If you like my blog, pass it on. If you don’t agree with me, you’re a hatemongering bigot that is just trying to divide the nation (hey it worked for you), because it couldn't possibly be a difference of idiology. This is the “it works both ways rule.”

So check back often. I am going to hold everyone who voted for this guy responsible. I am going to call it how I see it, and I am going to use my right to free speech. If no one reads, at least I will be able to vent my frustration, (that is until the liberal congress votes in the fairness doctrine, then my rights to an opposition voice will be limited until I can find a liberal who can take the time to paste two sentences together for equal time.)

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Loreen Bliss said...

John, you're awesome! Love the "Bite Me" rule!!! Made me laugh. In all seriousness though, you are very insightful and one of the few who so eloquently share your wisdom in writing. I wish all Americans could see things your way, but hey, if they did, then there would be no need for this blog. Write away! And yes, I will spread the word!