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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bush Haters United

When history writes this chapter, I am afraid that a footnote will need to be written about Obama’s campaign. One that won’t get as much press, but will none-the-less be worthy of a great deal of scrutiny. It is not the amount he spent, or about the way in which he campaigned. It will be the award winning job he did marketing to the American people.

Marketing has always been part of the campaign, but it was taken to new heights and in ways that when viewed with historical facts, unsettling. Not because he used them, by all means, we all market, but because the American populace was dumb enough to buy it hook line and sinker.
What am I talking about? The wholesale marketing of hatred for Bush.

Now before you go all postal on me and start shrieking about Bushes failed policies, remember results take time to measure, and we are now just getting the facts of how much deception there was in Obama’s marketing. I guess we are also getting more facts on just how Americans believed the marketing lies.

Obama didn’t win because of his amazing intellect, his great plan, or even for good policies. He won because he convinced enough people to hate Bush. He used it over and over, then used it over and over again, until people who don’t think for themselves believed. Then he told them there was hope in his change. (By the way, this is a play right from Karl Marx’s socialism playbook. But, that is for another posting.)

Want proof. Good, cause I got plenty.

We are in this position of economic crisis because of Bush’s failed economic plans, right? That is what most Americans believe and voted on, but here is some interesting exit polling time statistics.

Since 2004, through Bush’s failed economic plan, the number of people making less than $15k dropped to 6%. That is a 25% decline.

Since 2004, through Bush’s failed economic plan, the number of people making less than $30k dropped to 12%. That is a 20% decline.

Since 2004, through Bush’s failed economic plan, the number of people making between $100k and $150k increased to 14% which is a 27% increase.

Since 2004, through Bush’s failed economic plan, the number of people making between $150k and $200k increased to 6% which is a 50% increase.

Since 2004, through Bush’s failed economic plan, the number of people making over $200k increased to 6% which is a 100% increase.

Since 2004, through Bush’s failed economic plan, the total number of people making over $100k increased to 26% which is a 44% increase.

But, wait. Didn’t the liberal Bush hating machine tell you that you were worse off than in 2004? Didn’t they spend hundreds of millions of dollars convincing the uneducated masses that Bushes failed economic plans had made things worse?

Hook, line and sinker. The uneducated bought it because the media feeds you a constant flow of gloom and doom. It is easier to get you to think that you are worse off, then show you how the numbers actually work. Oh, and there was that thing about the media hating Bush as well and wanting the ‘chosen one’ elected, but that is for another post as well.

Here is some more.

Bush’s failed economic policy caused the current credit meltdown and the stock market crisis. Two questions. One, who controls the laws and the purse strings of the United States? Answer: Congress. Question two, who oversees Fannie May and Freddy Mac? Congress. Whether it was democratic or republican, Congress had a hundred fold more impact on the current economic crisis than Bush did. So what did the brain dead electorate vote? More bone heads in congress. Bush warned congress 27 times in the first six years of his presidency that it was broken and needed to be fixed. Great job doing your homework America. Oh wait, those weren’t in Obama’s marketing plan, so you didn’t get that memo did you.

Here’s some more.

Bush’s failed policies caused jobs to go overseas, and for companies to move outside of the U.S. raising unemployment, and job loss. Let’s take a look shall we? Where did you shop this week? Where were the best deals for your family on clothing, electronics, house wares, and textiles? You did what every red blooded American did this last week and bought those items at the best prices so that you could save money, and still get what you want.

Now, go take a look at where that stuff was made. Find the tag and see. I’ll bet that 90% of the stuff you consume is from somewhere else other than The U.S.

So let’s put two and two together shall we? Was Bush there when you bought those items? Did he in some way whisper in your ear and tell you to buy foreign merchandise? Of course not. You did it because you made the decision consciously or unconsciously that whatever you bought was the best thing for you. You did it to save money, get better quality, or because it was simply the one you wanted.

Companies move overseas to compete with overseas companies. When you as a consumer demand a better T.V. at a lower cost, companies have to find ways of producing a T.V. at lower costs. When an American demands $30 an hour to build a T.V., but the company can’t compete at that labor cost, that company moves its production overseas. You, me and everyone else in the U.S. wants goods at a lower cost, much lower than what it costs to produce in the states.
Bush has little or nothing to do with that, YOU DO. Your desire for cheap goods to fill that whole in your emptiness causes more job loss than any president. Once again, great job doing your homework America. But of course, you bought into Obama’s marketing didn’t you, so you didn’t notice you were the problem.

One more.

Bush’s failed foreign policy has made the world hate us. Agreed, I am not a fan of the war, or of the Bush doctrine in general. History has not been kind to people who start wars. However, hindsight is 20/20. It is interesting how people have skewed history to mean something it didn’t, rewrite it if you will.

In 2001, Muslim extremists from the Middle East hated us enough to attack us on our soil. They hated us enough to attack and embassy, a warship, and some other targets as well. Most Muslim countries have always hated us. Europe didn’t much care for us, nor did China, Venezuela, or Southeast Asia. So who hates us now? The same people. Nothing has changed, they just voice it more. (Mainly because they want Obama too. Someone they can "talk to.")

But Obama marketed to all of you that the Bush failed foreign policy has been bad for the U.S. Let’s see. The eight years prior to 9/11 brought us 7 different terrorist attacks on U.S. Assets. Since, none. Bush traded some counterproductive “light petting” with some of the fringe countries and protected our assets around the world. Countries who have taken the Obama approach of foreign policy have had the reverse effect. England, Spain, the Philippines all have been attacked and all of them think diplomacy is the key to working with terrorists. Oh, another memo that the Obama campaign failed to get you. Ouch.

Look I am not a fan of Bush, and I think that in many ways he made bad choices. But Obama marketed half truths to you about where you stand, who’s to blame, and where you were headed, to get elected. He used you. He used a prevailing feeling, cultivated it into a fire, and then dropped an atom bomb on it with creative marketing.

Who’s the bigger idiot? One who makes up the lie or ones that believes it? Hook, line and sinker.


Anonymous said...

thanks for putting this out there. I'm looking fwd to reading more! -anji-

Loreen Bliss said...

LOVE this!!!!!! You do a very good job and you get your facts! Hey, check your $100K... there seems to be two of them with different %'s.

It annoys me to no end everyone blaming Bush when so much was started with Clinton (he deregulated banks) and so much, as you pointed out, isn't even a president's fault. This is everything that Tim and I believe, but didn't know how to put into words. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Wow, thank you for this blog. I am going to be posting links to your blog on facebook so hopefully some of my liberal friends will realize how stupid their ideas are. You said it exactly right, Obama ran an amazing campaign and convinced America to vote for a weak, unexperienced marxist on the hopes of getting a handout.

Loreen Bliss said...

One more thing: while President Bush isn't perfect, I really feel he doesn't get the credit that he DOES deserve. Consider this direct quote from the white house web site (link below): "More than seven years have passed without another attack on our soil. This is not an accident. Since 9/11, the FBI has worked with our partners around the world to disrupt planned terrorist attacks. Most Americans will never know the full stories of how these attacks were stopped and how many lives were saved."