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Friday, November 7, 2008

Socialism Rears its Ugly Head

When I was young, naive and in my first years of college, I’ll have to admit, I leaned the left and thought myself to be quite liberal. I think when you’re young, liberalism offers you hope because it promises to level the playing field. It equalizes this unfair world so that you can participate. It promises you a place of equal standing regardless of your current stature.

Then you enter the real world and you realize that it is not equal. It is not fair. And you don’t get a prize for showing up and participating. There are no ribbons for sixteenth place. That the world is highly competitive and unless you are willing to step ahead of someone, you will always be behind.

Back in those years I was given an assignment by a history teacher to read a book from an “opposition to democracy” leader. Being the over active, over achieving student I was, I read Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ and Karl Marx’s ‘ The Poverty of Philosophy’ and ‘The Communist Manifesto’. I’ll admit, I was taken under their spell. Both are written in such a way that they suck you in and turn your own life’s situations into powerful examples of why socialism is the way for everyone to have equal opportunity.

Now, many are afraid that Obama is a socialist. The radio-right talk show hosts always point to his policies of redistributing wealth, welfare taxation, and tax the rich to give programs to the poor ideology. This is summed up in Marx’s philosophy:

The rich must give all they can, but the poor must take all that they need.

But, this pales in comparison the Marxist ideology of how to gain power. You see. I am a much bigger fan of judging a person by what he does, rather than what he says. So let’s take a look at the Marxist playbook of gaining power and then we can draw some conclusions.

Idea number one: You must sow seeds of discontent among the poor. They must feel that they are not participating, disenfranchised, or have lost something. Their discontent must be drawn out.

Idea number two: Blame the opposition for everything. They are the ruling power, they must accept blame for all their actions. Sow the seeds of discontent against the ruling party. It is much easier to believe that things are wrong and that someone else is to blame, then it is to promote your ideology.

Idea number three: Offer hope and change. You have now sowed the seeds of discontent and assigned blame. Now offer hope and change. It will not matter what that hope is, or what that change is because if done correctly people won’t ask. They will believe that anything is better than what they currently have.

So far kind of scary, huh? But he isn’t done, and the scary part is yet to come.

Idea number four: Use any means necessary to gain power. It does not matter what you offer, how you offer it, or if you can ensure that it will happen. Gain power by any means necessary (yes to Marx, this includes lying, cheating, stealing or any other way) because until you have power, nothing else matters. Only the powerful get to make decisions.

Idea number four: Keep your power. In order to keep your power, you need to keep the masses and create more of them. Advances in social status must be offset by reductions in social status. Fight one fire while creating another fire somewhere else. Destroy the middle class and create an “us versus them” mentality. The have-nots must always be reminded that they don’t have what the rich do, and that they need the government to level the playing field.

Now, having Obama actually say he wants to redistribute wealth is awful disturbing. But in light of the Marxist playbook, I am more scared of his actions during the election. If you can’t see the parallels you’re blind. This is how he beat Clinton and then beat McCain. He took this play by play straight from the Marxist playbook.

The last two ideologies scare me the most. Take a look at how liberals operate. In all the years they have been fighting for the under classes, what’s changed? What have they done to improve their status? In every case for the last 50 years they continually created programs that were supposed to help people, but they never get better. Their programs fight one fire, while they create another somewhere else. In all their billions upon billions in governmental programs, they have solved nothing. They blame the conservatives at every chance, but by purpose, they have nothing to show because if the poor, the discriminated, the minority, the illegal were to ever advance, they would lose their power. Socialism is why it will never change. Read Marx, he’ll tell you, straight up, what is going on.

We are just too uneducated, too unread, and to apathetic to care. The masses would rather blame the opposition then change, and the programs that were established to help ALWAYS come back to burn them.

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Loreen Bliss said...

Thank you! I have been having a little socialism debate with two of my more liberal friends and this helps a ton! I posted a link to this blog on my facebook socialism note. I wonder if they will actually read it, but one can hope. Those that think socialism is wonderful and such a good thing and that socialism today is different than it ever has been just don't seem to be very open minded about anything otherwise! Scary!