I will use this blog to do three things. One, provide a voice of opposition to the liberal controlled government. Two, to track their progress on promises they made to get elected (to see if they ever deliver.) Three, to vent, educate, and to work through my own frustration. Please read the ground rules if you wish to respond to this blog.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Make Your Voice Heard

I just about stopped writing this blog. It was mostly for me to vent my anger, frustration and to prime my writing skills to do other projects.

I thought no one was reading.

IF you want me to continue do two things.

1. Let me know. Create comments and add your voice.

2. Tell others. That is the only way this thing grows.


The Conservative Originalist said...

if you stop...they win in a way. Dont stop

crazy mom of six said...

I'm reading, just don't have much time to make comments.

melissa said...

I love reading your blog, keep it up! I have quite a few friends reading, too...

Loreen Bliss said...

More people read than leave comments. I know how you feel... it is nice when people leave comments though... nice to know you are writing for somebody... writing for more than just yourself. I'd venture to guess more people than you know are reading your blog. It will grow. I'm glad you are writing it. My hubby and I enjoy reading it together. We have discussed it with his family on more than one occasion! I just like having something to contribute... I used to hate political discussions because I never knew how to word how I felt! Don't worry, I always give you the credit to my vast knowledge. :) His family is starting to read this too!