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Monday, December 15, 2008

Disneyland, Obamaland, and Toleranceland

I spent the last five days in the happiest place on earth. Obviously it was away from the news, the radio, and the computer. But there were four things that I found that needed a discussion.

Those Evil Oil Companies.

Remember eight months or so ago when the news and the liberals were all screaming that the evil oil companies were behind the price hikes? Remember them calling for massive tax increases and an investigation into their business practices? Remember that the liberal attack machine went on the offensive and used it for political gain?

Where are they now that gas is $1.65 a gallon?

If the gas companies are the ones who should be blamed for the rise in oil prices, shouldn’t they also get the credit for prices when they go down? The news was vehemently against any truth of market conditions for the prices going up, BUT, last night on a news ticker was this: “Market conditions cause gas prices to decrease.” So let’s see if the news is working for you or for some other agenda?

The news wants you to believe that gas prices increase because evil oil companies have some magical way to increase the cost to make more money, but when the gas price go down it is only due to market conditions. Nice! Totally incompressible, just the way they like it. News people think that you’re an idiot, that you can be led like lambs, controlled because you can’t remember what they said a couple of days ago let alone several months ago. This is the game they play with “slower” Americans. If something goes wrong it is ALWAYS someone else’s fault.

Obama’s Eyes Were Opened

Have you noticed that Obama is doing a lot of back peddling? Have you noticed that he is trying to get everyone to lower their expectations? Have you noticed that he is trying to distance himself from many of the things he said in the campaign?

Notice that it happened AFTER he began his full national security and economic briefings?

Here’s what happened. He found out all the things that Bush already knew. He found out all the little things that they don’t tell us. He found out all the rest of the information that the news media doesn’t have, or isn’t willing to tell us. Now he is desperately trying to downplay his agenda, his plans, and his “change.”

What should this tell you? It should scare the %$^@#@# out of you. Here is a man who bought the election on promises, then found out the real story and is backing down. I am no so worried about him backing down as I am about what he was told.

2009: First Quarter

I am not a doom and gloom guy, honest I am not. I am a realist. (Although my wife wanted me to buy a Grumpy shirt at Disneyland) But I think we are at the precipice of economic history and no one is talking about it, because the news doesn’t want to make it happen, the government doesn’t want you to know, and most people are more worried about what will be in their stocking come Christmas rather than what will be in their bank account in February. It is the equivalent of the nation playing the childhood game of ‘closing your eyes and ears and the bad stuff will go away.’

It will not.

(look, I am not some country bumpkin, my job, the one I get paid for, is to understand how money works and I am really good at it too. Notice that I am not spouting mainstream media or right wing radio crap either. Stop listening to people who have got ratings to sell, advertisers to please, or books to pitch, or a job to save. They aren’t going to tell you unless it benefits them. Your family’s situation means nothing to them.)

Regional banks in Texas and Florida have now failed and the news barely reported it. China is no longer buying U.S. debt, yet we are still going full bore on bailout plans with money we don’t have. This leaves us with VERY limited options to gain access to all this money that they want to bailout the economy. The one that they seem to want to employ is ‘the home printer method’ and just start printing more money.

Look, right now, our government is over extended. They don’t have the money and other countries don’t have the money to lend us. Taxes are the largest income for any government, and when the economy is shrinking, so is that income.

Our economy exists on two things. First, we spend to keep each other employed. If you don’t spend your neighbor loses his job. Second, we have faith in our monetary system. Someone, somewhere believes that our dollars are worth something. As soon as that someone has a doubt, the system fails.

I have slowed my spending, how about you? I am trying to save money now, not spend it. Any smart family would do the same. First blow.

China is now buying gold, not dollars. The middle east is not happy with “dollar production” from oil and might turn to the Euro to stabilize oil prices. Other country’s no longer want U.S. Debt and are looking for alternatives. Sure sounds like they are NOT believers. Not to mention that Consumer Confidence is declining. Second blow.

We are one catastrophe away from a complete collapse (it could be as small as a run on a single bank in West Virginia, or a misrepresented news story about shortages, or even a terror attack). Don’t believe me? Go read history. The Depression wasn’t caused by a single event. It was caused by several small ones INCLUDING the government stepping in to “save” the people.

I look to history to see how this is going to play out. Mexico, Korea, USSR, and others have all been through this. What I am talking about is the collapse of a monetary system. Over a short period usually three months (this has significant meaning to those who are listening) there is complete chaos, and things all but shut down, food is scarce, you can’t buy much of anything and there is a lot of instability. Everyone is scared to sell something one day and have the money they received be worth less a day later. It stabilizes after a while, but everything now has changes. A $3.00 loaf of bread not cost $5.60, but your income from your job doesn’t change. You just have to cope. Your income is still $50,000, but your expenses have doubled.
I hope you have three plus month’s supply. I hope you have friends who have too. I wish you good luck.

Four things I have done and think you should do.

1. Get a three+ months supply of food and create a friends group who have done it too so that you can trade for what you need.

2. Get some cash out and put it in a safe place. Get $5, $10, $20 bills, if you have to buy $20 worth of something and only have $100, you won’t get change. Think through the scenario, who’s going to have change? What is a $1 bill going to be worth? $1 bills could be the new penny.

3. Think about your family’s safety. When people get hungry and scared they can go one of two ways. Katrina: Where everyone loots, shoots, and society collapses. Or, they can do what those in the Midwest did in the floods of 2007 (where three times as many peole lost thier homes than in Katrina), band together in groups, helped each other, and supported each other. I don’t know about where you live, but I am not leaving my family’s safety to chance.

4. Pray, and share this with others. Start talking about what you would actually do if this happens. Talk to your spouse, your kids, your friends, and your church. Make plans, and if people ridicule you for wanting to make a plan, YOU NEED TO FIND OTHE FRIENDS OR PEOPLE, because the last people you want to be in a foxhole with are people who did not prepare.

Time is short.

Freaks and the fascist Idea of tolerance

If you don’t accept people who are different than you, you are a bigot. If you don’t agree with ‘lifestyle’ or my ‘choices’ you are intolerant. If my minority and their actions and behaviors are not acclimated by society, then society is wrong and must be forced to accept me and my likeminded friends.

Duh, Okay. I'll just quit fighting for what I beleive so taht you can make stupid choices.

At Disneyland, we saw a bunch of Kandi-Kids (if you don’t know what they are Google Kandi Kids). They were quiet and respectful, but when asked “why do you wear all that stuff?” He replied, “Each one reminds me of a rave that I went to, the drugs we took, and the great time we had. All the bracelets and stuff are my vibe that I have in my body outward on my body. I want to show the world what happiness is.”

Great Gizzards Ghost! I didn’t know you needed ten pounds of childish bracelets, colored chains and toddler’s backpacks to be happy.

There have always been outsiders, fringe people, and minority groups of people who choose a lifestyle. But recently we have seen them pushing their lifestyle onto mainstream and demanding rights. They push their agendas through courts, like minded politicians and support groups (community organizers) and get upset when people WHO DO NOT think like they do push back.

Gays are now openly declaring war on religious groups who oppose their desires. Next it will be the Kandi-Kids. Soon they will want laws to be exempt from having to pay for the health problems that their lifestyle has caused. Then they will get upset and protest at churches because their rights are being denied when the law passes to reject their lifestyle acceptance.

(Oh, by the way, Kandi Kids say that even though the lifestyle originated by the ravers who sold the drugs, you know, cause they are easier to see in a crowed all decked out with glow sticks, bracelets, baby paraphernalia, and that the original Kandi-Kids got their name from selling “candy,” that they don’t do drugs. If you believe that, what exactly have you been smoking?)

If we tolerate all behavior, the ones who will not be tolerated are the ones with morals, beliefs, and common sense.


Vanessa Shannon said...

I admit Im one of "those" americans who are ill prepared. Im sure Im in denial....Im working on my 3 months supply though, hopefully it will be in time! If not, Im calling you :)

Vanessa Shannon said...

That is exactly what I was thinking about Obama back pedaling. I was on the treadmill at the gym and watching something on the news....I cant remember at the moment what it was that he (obama) said but my thought was... oh sure, now youre going to say that...now that you are in and realize what is going on. Idiot.