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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Day Without a Gay.

Today, all over the country Gay people are calling in sick. They are not working to prove a point, or to punish the rest of us, I don’t know. They feel that they are so important that if they are gone, we will crumble as a society.

So what was the impact of a day without a gay?

Nothing for 97% of America.

Sure, Hollywood shut down because no one was there to do makeup. Some trendy restaurants in New York had longer table times because a third of the waiters never showed up. The drag fest in New Orleans and San Francisco didn’t function properly, but no one cared because the audience is all gay anyway and they didn’t show up.

Oh, and the government ceased to be productive in anyway, nope sorry. That had nothing to do with a lack of gays.


Vanessa Shannon said...

LOL. How sad is it that I didnt even know this day occurred! Are you kidding me?

melissa said...

i love what you said! i didn't even know it was going on either.

Loreen Bliss said...

I heard this was going to happen, but didn't hear much after that. Really made a difference, didn't it?! I have a few gay friends that are really neat people...they know I disagree with their lifestyle, but we agree to disagree.