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Friday, April 3, 2009

Despair, Apathy, Bliss, Warning

Sorry I haven’t blogged for a while. I had to stop watching the news. Every time I turned it on I felt more and more despair and had a hard time seeing from all the blood that was spurting out of my eyes.

So I put my head down at work and started to focus on saving my business, earning “Screw You, Obama” money and making sure I would last through this crisis. By doing so, I actually became apathetic. I couldn’t change the fact that political novice Obama and Queen Pelosi were setting a foundation that we will never recover from, so I changed my business and got my own house in order (gardens, food storage, guns and ammo, etc.( no I am not kidding)). I didn’t have time to worry about what I cannot change until the next election.

What I found was bliss. My garden is producing food on an almost daily basis now. I am comfortable knowing that if all hell breaks loose I have enough to at least survive. Watching food grow is incredibly hypnotic and calming. Planting something and seeing it break through the dirt and become greed, or flower, or turn into something you can eat is amazingly blissful. It is quite reminder that God is in control and we only need to align ourselves with his will.
Which brings me to my next phase of warning.

I only write this blog for myself and usually the only ones who ever read where my friends and family. So this is for them as well as anyone who reads. . .

1. This is not a normal recession. Do not believe anyone who tells you that this will be over soon and we will get back to normal. There is no normal. There are new factors involved now that have never been involved before. There will be a new economy, one we have never seen before, and it will not be kind to us as it stabilizes.

a. Banks are still not lending to businesses at the level that is necessary to function. Many, many small businesses are at the brink of failure. Small businesses employ 40-50% of the U.S. population. IF they fail, larger and larger businesses will fail too.

b. Commercial real estate is beginning to falter and foreclose just as the housing did a yar ago. The same signs are there and it will have the same if not a larger effect then what has happened so far.

c. We do not produce much anymore. Almost 63% of our GDP is based on the “exchange” of products and services not in production. This means that it is like dominos. One business fails and that will affect ten others that will affect ten others. Look at people you know, think about what they do for a living. Do they make something or do they service, exchange, or support those who do? All those jobs are in jeopardy.

2. Your government is not your government. They no longer represent you.

a. Whether you like Obama or not, one thing is very clear. He has no intention of keeping any of his promises. Line for line, all the promises he made in speeches and on the campaign, have fallen away. He has kept none of them. Since taking office he has paid back every favor, every donor, and every special interest group that put him in office, at incredible disregard to you, its citizens and the country in whole. He had plenty of opportunity to do what he promised, but never did.

b. The Congress and the Senate are no longer listening to their constituents. They do not care. There has never been a time where so many people are out do what is best for them, not the country. It is appalling to see our system abused in this way.

c. You can’t do anything right now. Until there is an election all you can do is wait. Our only hope is that enough people in the middle will see that they need to oust congress and senate to get new people with more level heads into the mix. Our only hope is to replace as many people as we can with new ones.

3. Debt is crippling the country.

a. In less than 12 months we have pledge to spend 4.6 years of tax revenue (when the economy is good). This is like saying that you make $100k and you have $100k in debt, so to solve the problem you take on $460k in new debt to solve the old debt. But here is the kicker, in a recession your salary is going to be cut 40%. How are you going to repay the new debt with less when you couldn’t repay the old one?

b. Your government wants you to think that they are the only ones who can save you. They will promise everything and produce nothing but make new promises to cover that up. How do they do it? By putting you in debt. You pay taxed now, not because the government uses the money to make your life better, but to finance promises that can never be kept, and new promises to hide that fact. Once it begins it will never end. Governments are like freight trains; once they get rolling nothing short of derailment will stop it.

c. Your children will have less opportunity, not more. All you need to do is look to the past and you will see that all empires die and new ones will begin. China will be the next super power. They are the only ones that are funding our debt, and your children will pay for it deeply. The U.S. will shrink back into socialistic oblivion and will feed off the scraps from China just as Europe did from us the last 100 years. Look to China for opportunities, maybe have your children learn Chinese.

4. It will be a tough transition.

a. The dollar is exactly like the stock of a company. It is the stock of the U.S. Right now it is being held up in the exact same way that Enron held up their stock. The government has four sets of books, barrowing huge amounts of money from outside and from each of the books. It will fail, just like Enron.

b. Think it can’t happen? Why? DO you think the U.S is so important that the rest of the world will not let it fail? That is like saying that other companies will support Enron so it won’t fail. Watch closely to what is happening with Russia and China, they are pushing for things that erode the U.S’s economy and guess who is slapping them on the back and agreeing to it. Your president.

c. Hillary Clinton has already used land rights to secure loans from China. What does that mean? It means when we can’t pay, they get land in the U.S. What land? Well, that is the question isn’t it? China may just want the northern half Alaska. And believe me, they won’t have a problem sucking ALL the oil out of the ground. All you green idiots will be shot on sight when you try to protest it.

d. The Dollar will fail. There will be a time when nothing is available because of hyper inflation. People don’t want to sell a load of potatoes for $500 when that $500 might be only worth $50 the very next day. You will need your own storage, and your own bartering chips to survive the 3-6 months until it is stabilized. Gee, three to six months, where have I heard this before?

e. When we come out, we will not know what to do, and most people will have to restructure their lives to survive. We will all have to get back to basics. You will not be making $100K a year selling anything.

Could I be wrong. I pray I am. I am not taking any chances though. I would rather be prepared for it and have it not happen then be right and not be prepared.

For those who have ears let them hear.

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jms.christiansen@hotmail.com said...

Now that is a comeback! Rescued your blog from oblivion!

We started our garden last year, and have done some of the other preparations you mention. Chaos may come, all we can do is try to be as prepared as possible, and stick it out.