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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Walking Away From Facebook

Today I made a decision. I am walking away from Facebook. No seriously. No more Facebook.


For the same reason I don't carry my cell phone around with me anymore. Not for two years now.

My business allows me to meet with a lot of people. I once had lunch with a very successful business man, when my cell phone rang. At the time, I had made it clear to all my clients that they could call me anytime and I would pick up the phone. So I did. I excused myself politely and took the call. When I came back, I was taught one of the most important lessons I have ever had.

I apologized to the business owner, after all, it wasn't a business meeting, we were just having lunch and talking about his business. He accepted, then told me something I will never forget.

"Life was simpler when people could only reach us on our terms." He said. "Just because people can reach you, doesn't mean that they should. The day is fast coming when we will not know when enough is enough, and society's eagerness to communicate will corrode our ability to communicate. We will all be trying to say so much, that what everyone says will mean nothing."

Since that day, I told clients to call me at my business, during business hours and I would be happy to talk with them. I told friends to call me at home at appropriate times, and kept my cell phone for emergencies and for my family.

I am much happier. Work stays at work, and I am not tied to my phone like an addict tied to his meth. Facebook was becoming the same thing. Just because people can access information about each other doesn't mean they should.

But more importantly for me, It is one less thing I have to worry about during the day.


Vanessa Shannon said...

Well, Im still sorry to see you go. I really did enjoy seeing your status reports...but I understand what you mean too. Im not much of a cell phone person. I carry one only for the purpose of emergencies and for my kids and their school to get a hold of me. most of my friends dont even have my cell number...I cant stand watching people talk on their cells all day long...in the grocery line...in the bathrooms...at the movie theater..grrr. Anyway...I'll keep checking this blog for the good stuff and wish you luck and success at simplifying your life. Maybe I will see you at the 20 year???

JAM said...

Yes, the plan is that we are going.