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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Obamacrack, I just like saying it

So, now with things changing I thought I would come out of obscurity and start posting a little here and there.

Let me start by letting you in on three little known secrets.

1. Americans are the stupidest educated people on the face of the planet. Half of the country went from being a massive lie detector able to tell with 100% certainty that George W. was lying, to slobbering, nodding, chill up their pants ninnies, that cannot detect a lie when it is being read from a teleprompter by their never truthful snake charmer. Stupid people. When are you going to learn that governments lie. That is what they do.

2. Saving jobs is not an economic principle. You either loose jobs or create them. You don't save them. Think of it this way. If you have a town where everyone is employed in two factories. if the government closes down one factory eliminating half the towns jobs, they don't get to claim they saved the other half. Morons. And you believed them?

3. Glen Beck is Zeus. Listen to anyone who is anti Beck. Do they debate the issues? Nope. Do the open a debate about policy, people, ideas? Not a chance. They bash him as a person. That is all they can do. He is dead on. He is two weeks ahead of the liberal media. He single handedly started the revolution. Hey progressive dorks, keep underestimating him. Keep thinking he's a right winged nut.

Isn't that what England thought of the wacked out freedom freaks in the new colonies? They were just a bunch of reject farmers. What could possibly happen?

Of course Obamassiah and his media lackeys say that the tea parties and astro turf nuts are nothing to worry about. They have to be telling the truth right?

Did you already forget the first secret I told you? Morons.

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