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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

V The Anti Obama/ liberal Series

For anyone who missed it here is the plot.

Visitors appear out of nowhere. Before people know the truth they suck every small minded, freebie wanting, city dwelling, person into their cult by promising anything they want.

They gave them free health care. But it is not what it seems. The underlying truth is that universal health care is nothing more than a ploy to exploit the people. (Oh and to make sure the food chain is disease free.)

They tried to silence their critics, control the media, and eliminate anyone who opposes their plan.

They convince the youth that their parents are bad and know nothing about what the world is facing.

But, they are not what they seem. They have been planning this for years. Infiltrating the highest levels of government, military, organizations and sports teams.

The visitors don't care about the people of earth, they want to have power over them, make them do what they say, oh and eat them.

Glen Beck makes an appearance too, right before a little ball of death tries to kill him for starting the revolution. Glen lives and becomes a galvanizing force that will destroy the V's.

Wow. Sounds like the last year and a half. (But, Obamessiah is not as good looking as Inara Serra, I mean Morena Baccarin.)

I can't wait to see how it ends. Oh right. I know how it ends.

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Vanessa Shannon said...

so nice to have you back :) There is so much to write about lately I just couldnt fathom where you have been!